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Problem with ipad app

I have a sentence today that was marked wrong because I didn't include "toute". I don't have toute in my vocabulary. What I was supposed to translate was " He is eating a simple crepe". Yesterday when I sent you an email the choose the word sentence was " this is a serious book" but the words I had to choose from did not include the word sèrieux! This is happening quite a lot lately.


November 21, 2013



The correct answer was 'Je mange une simple crépe', but you can also say 'Je mange une crépe toute simple'. In this case, we showed you the second accepted sentence that was close to what you typed even though you hadn't learned 'toute'. We removed that sentence since there's a little too much room for confusion when translating 'simple crepe'.


Hi, my answer using simple was wrong and the answer they showed me in pink had toute in the correct answer. But, thank you for listening. I will be posting others here as I get them. If only I knew how to take screen shot on my iPad.


To take a screen shot on your iPad, press the power and home buttons at the same time. The screen should flash white and there should be a screenshot in your camera roll. As for putting the picture in a comment I am not sure. If you post it on imgur you could always add a link in your post. Hope this helps :)


Thank you! if I can't post the pic, at least I can post the sentence in question.


You're welcome! :)

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