"Утка - это не курица."

Translation:A duck is not a hen.

November 6, 2015



Can someone explain what the "это" is adding here? How is this different from "Утка не курица"?

November 6, 2015


It's absolutely fine without это. Except it would be Утка — не курица, with an em dash. I think there is no difference, except I would rather not use это in formal situations. Still, it's pretty fine if you use it.

November 6, 2015


Actually, according to the punctuation rules you are not supposed to put a dash before не. http://www.gramota.ru/class/coach/punct/45_172

November 6, 2015


True, my fault. Thanks for correcting.

November 7, 2015


I believe that "это" is common in normal speech for "definition-like" sentences.

So "a duck is a hen", (for "any duck in general, no matter which"), works fine with that "это" there. But if it was "the duck" (or even "a duck" but referring to one specific duck in particular and not the abstract "any duck"), talking about a specific duck mentioned before for example, I believe putting это there would be less common.

February 10, 2016


Why not "It is a duck, not a hen"?

December 8, 2015


This was my first guess also (although I used "chicken"). Because of the dash, i thought that 'это не курица' is the main clause, 'утка' is subordinate. Hence: "it's not a chicken, but a duck (instead)". Also, every time I have seen 'это' used before this, it has always expressed "this", "here" or "it" in some way. Either as in "this thing is something" or "it is something" etc.

Is "It is a duck, not a chicken" wrong?

May 8, 2018


If this sentence were talking about the meat it could be: "duck is not chicken"?

March 12, 2016


Yes, I suppose so.

August 1, 2016


How many times do i have to repeat myself dass eine Ente ist kein Huhn!!!

April 13, 2017


now see you led me astray duolingo... earlier you showed a picture of a rooster and a hen and i thought kuritza meant rooster... the rooster seemed to be dominant in that picture

November 11, 2015


I just thought it generally meant chicken not a specific gender of a chicken.

January 1, 2016


Rooster in Russian is 'петух'

January 13, 2017


Isn't курица chicken? It said I was wrong for the answer. And I am a chicken farmer!

June 23, 2018


Could this also mean that is a (female) duck (and) not a hen?

January 17, 2017


Why we put - in some phrases ??? Is it a rule?

June 23, 2017


Why is the р in курица prounounced like a л?

July 18, 2019


Could I instead say "Это утка а не курица"?

August 2, 2019
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