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  5. "Дайте, будь ласка, чашку."

"Дайте, будь ласка, чашку."

Translation:Give me a cup, please.

November 6, 2015



I noticed that this is accusative. So it doesn't matter who is giving action to the object?


I'm assuming you've got the case name wrong :) I still have to look those up

Only thing that would change here is Дайте or Дай depending on formality level or number of addressees


Дайте is imperative. Also, 2nd person plural ("you guys"). Дай would be the singular form.

Чашку is Accusative. We are giving what? the cup (Accusative) to whom? to someone (Dative). Someone receives the result of the action (they would be in Dative, they are not in this sentence), and the action is done to the cup (it's the object of the action, it's Accusative).


Дайте, будь ласка, чашки. Теж має бути вірною відповіддю.


Ні, чашки - множина


The last syllable is so quiet that I could not hear it correctly, even with the volume turned up. It sounded like "ло" instead of "ку".


Could this translate to Please give the/a cup? For it to be Please give me the cup, shouldn't it be дайте мені, будь ласка, чашку? Why is мені omitted?


I hear the last word as 'chashk', is that the correct way to pronounce it?


Chash-ku, u is very quiet there


Why does "Give me, please, a cup" doesn't work?


Works now.

Please note though that this word ordering is a bit obsolete and unnatural now, it's better to put "please" at the end or the beginning (as far as I understood, not a native speaker)


The narrator sounds familiar...is she Halyna Bohonok?

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