"It is she who is here."

Translation:Это она здесь.

November 6, 2015



This sentence confused me. Why is who part of the sentence when there was no way of knowing who was not needed in the Russian. I tried 'это она кто здесь'. Is there perhaps another translation of 'Это она здесь'? I'm not sure I get why something like this is basic unless there is something else it can mean as the English sentence didn't feel especially basic to me. On a happier note, I love the Russian voice! She feels very clear so far. I have had a lot of trouble with the Ukrainian voice and this feels like an easier recording to deal with. Many thanks :)

November 6, 2015


This is the Russian way of saying "It is ... who ..." or "It is ... that ..." I'll throw in some examples:

  • It is she who wrote the book - Это она написала книгу
  • It is me who cooked the rice - Это я приготовил рис
  • It is the cat that drank the milk - Это кошка выпила молоко
  • It is the topic that is hard - Это тема трудная

Hope these help.

November 6, 2015


Are these treated differently from the more basic form (more basic in English anyway) of 'she wrote the book', 'I cooked the rice', and so on, as the English translation is a stressed form that is taught much later (I say from the point of view as being an ESL teacher). Is this the most typical Russian way of saying these things? If so, perhaps a note would be useful. It just felt much more complicated than anything else in the first few lessons like 'she is a woman' and so on.

November 6, 2015


It is a stress form, yes, and I agree it is much more complicated.

The translations of your basic sentences are "Она написала книгу", "Я приготовил рис".

November 6, 2015


Ok, that is good to know. Thanks. You've been very helpful :)

November 6, 2015


Thank you, very helpful :-)

May 5, 2019


I am really struggling to understand the difference between этот and это. Can anyone explain it?

March 24, 2018


это - this is этот - this

Not so confusing ;-)

March 30, 2018


If I understand correctly, it works like this. "Это" is a generic "this" used to say "this is/these are", regardless of the gender or number of the thing(s)/person(s) being talked about:

  • "Это мальчик." = "This is a boy."
  • "Это девочка." = "This is a girl."
  • "Это яблоко" = "This is an apple."
  • "Это женщины." = "These are women."

In contrast, "этот", "эта", "это" and "эти" are demonstrative adjectives used with male, female, neuter and plural nouns, respectively:

  • "этот мальчик" = "this boy"
  • "эта девочка" = "this girl"
  • "это яблоко" = "this apple"
  • "эти женщины" = "these women"

"Это яблоко" out of context could mean either "this apple" or "this is an apple", but it should be clear from the context which is meant:

  • "Это яблоко." = "This is an apple."
  • "Это яблоко зеленое." = "This apple is green."
May 8, 2018


What about "This is a green apple."

July 21, 2018


«Это зеленое яблоко.»

July 24, 2018


Can't we say тут instead of здесь?

September 6, 2016


Yes, but it's a more colloquial term.

July 6, 2018


won't эта be better in this sentence?

December 9, 2015


No, this is not grammatically correct. That would be like "this she".

December 9, 2015


How many languages do you have? I just saw your profile? ??

January 22, 2016


There are people who have much more languages than me :-)

January 22, 2016


Surely Здесь это она is correct? Another example (admittedly not exactly the same) is Папа это он for "It is he who is the father".

May 15, 2018


Is она she?

August 12, 2018


Yes. Он is he, -о denotes a masculine noun. Она is she, as -а denotes a feminine noun. -ы (or -й) denotes a plural noun. Not 100% on that last bit though. Anyone that can clarify?

October 24, 2018


No, они is "they" (the plural form). There is also оно, which means "it", for neuter nouns (masculine and feminine nouns become он and она, even when they refer to things rather than people).

December 29, 2018


The English sentence doesn't makes any sense at all

November 15, 2018


We need corrections in cyrillic please.

January 19, 2016



November 23, 2016


Where is Кто?

April 16, 2018


No need to use it. It's required, afaik, only in interrogative clauses, to ask "who?".

July 24, 2018


Why is 'Она это здесь' wrong? o.0 это она здесь sounds more like 'this is she here' >~

October 24, 2018


What it is she ? I need explation

December 27, 2018


I cannot write in russian as I do not have a russian keyboard.

March 2, 2019


just go to settings, search "default keyboard", click it, go to "onscreen keyboard", select "Samsung keyboard" or whatever keyboard name appears, select "language and types", select "manage imput languages", then find "Русский", download and turn it on

April 2, 2019


I found it odd that the right way is Это она здесь and not Эта она здесь, I thought that она would be the feminine noun that эта would go with? Kinda confused

April 2, 2019


nevermind found another comment about this

April 2, 2019


Why not вот она здесь?

June 2, 2019


What the fruits is this anyways?!

July 8, 2019


Ето или зто, it's not clear as it say correct but has a typo . It is

August 10, 2019

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So confused. Almost Never say this way in Russian

August 13, 2019
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