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Why can't Duo remember my Cyrillic/Latin setting?

Every time I switch back to Russian from another language, I have to switch the button back to Cyrillic. This is not hugely important, but it's very annoying. Surely it would be trivial for the script to remember a user's Cyrillic/Latin setting and keep it there?

This problem also has the effect that if, when in another language, I click on a Russian sentence through a forum post, it displays as Latin gobbledygook, and there's no way to change it without going back in Russian and starting a lesson.

November 6, 2015



I really hate this too. I wish Cyrillic was just the default for Russian and Ukrainian.


I absolutely agree. I'm sure if someone polled all the people doing the Russian course, the vast majority would be using Cyrillic (I might be wrong, but it would surprise me greatly). And the default setting ought to reflect the majority use, which is the point of having a default.


More than that, people shouldn't be learning Russian in Latin script. It shouldn't be permitted. Not to mention the fact that the Latin transliterations are often terrible (пицца is written as pitstsa in Latin, which is ridiculous).


Yes. Kind of annoying.


I completely agree. My main issue with this is that when I want to go back to the skills I've already completed to quickly scan and review (without actually strengthening) the vocabulary from the lessons and test myself on the meaning, or when I enter a skill before beginning a new lesson and want to preview the vocabulary, all the vocabulary in the lesson preview is in the Latin transliteration, which is useless to me.


The same thing happened to me before starting a lesson I wanted to review the vocab, but I had to go in start a lesson, switch the toggle, come out, back into the lesson to then begin my review. Please fix this, Duolingo team.


I really think the default should be Cyrillic. I haven't had this problem so far, it seeeems to remember my preference, but it seems nuts that it keeps switching you back to Latin.

[deactivated user]

    It might do that because the other languages on here are in Latin letters so when you switch over to Russian its still in Latin mode. You can hit the A - Я switch at the top of the lesson. I know it can be annoying but Duo really wanted that option for people who don't want to or don't need to learn Cyrillic.


    I did have the same question and I do find it annoying, but compared to the effort required to learn Russian vocabulary and grammar, I think the effort needed to make one mouse click at the start of a session is probably fairly far down my list of most strenuous activities. :)


    No one is talking about effort, its annoying. When your in the library studying and someone is tapping their pen away, there is no effort on your part at all yet its annoying. However, trust me when you start a lesson expecting it to be in Cyrillic because you've already set it to Cyrillic and you then do about five minutes of work, talking notes on a word you already know, but you can't tell because they switch the setting on you, that’s annoying.




    Once you have started a lesson, there is a button on the top left of the lesson area that says something like 'Яя <--> Aa'.


    Ive been using it through the website (obviously not the app) on my phone. Does that appear only on a computer or have you tried it though mobile too?


    The Russian course hasn't been released on the app yet (hopefully it will be in a few weeks). Ukrainian has, but I cannot see any button in the app--it appears to be only Cyrillic (unless I'm missing something; & this is the iOS app, I've no idea about the others).

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