"Тим загорает на крыше."

Translation:Tim is sunbathing on the roof.

November 6, 2015

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This sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


Well, you know have they have flat roofs in various parts of the world. In Ancient Egypt (I don't know about Modern Egypt), for instance, where they would often sleep on the roof because it was cooler. Now, why anyone would be sunbathing if they were in that part of the world, I don't know. :-)


Well, you know have they have flat roofs in various parts of the world.

Usually not where there's likely to be lots of snow (like the other places you mentioned) :)

Actually even in snowy places apartment/office buildings have flat roofs - I can only assume it's because the collective heat coming from the whole thing melts it so you don't have that "hundreds of pounds of snow threatening to collapse your roof" problem.


I've been to Moscow during summer. The sun is strong over there. Believe-me, I'm Brazilian hehehe ok, I live in the part of Brazil where it snows, but still... I'm used to hot weather as well and it was pretty hot there in the summer.


Если при этом дом загорелся?


If the house catches on fire? I was thinking more because houses in my part of the world tend to have rather angular roofs.


Why couldn't he tan on the roof of an expensive hotel, for instance, where there is a swimming pool, bar, music, girls etc.?:)


I don't know about other Russian cities, but in St. Petersburg it's not uncommon at all to sit on the roof of an apartment building to enjoy the view, and yes, catch some sun if it's out.


значит он загорит быстрее.


We also commonly say "to sunbake" in Australia. And believe me, it's more like baking Down Under than "bathing".


Each day longer studying Russian, makes me wonder if Russia and Brazil aren't actually the same country...


"sunbathing" означает буквально "принимать солнечные ванны". а как будет именно слово загорать на английском?


Better "to tan". "To brown" is something you do to meat in a frying pan.


Слово "sunbathing" свободно можно применять в смысле "загорать на пляже". "Загорать" в смысле "становиться темнее" - to tan, загорелый - tan, или tanned. Онa быстро загорает - She tans quickly. Он вернулся с курорта загорелым - He returned from the resort very tan(ned).


"Getting a tan" was not accepted. Why?


In general American, "getting a tan" would describe a change of color resulting from multiple episodes of sunbathing / tanning or working / playing outdoors over an extended time. Using that expression for a single session would be a bit of a stretch UNLESS you were referring to an overall program of tanning in which that single session was only a small part. "Tim lies out on the roof every day during lunch hour because he's trying to get a tan."


Such Leonard Cohen


Is this really possible in Russia?


You will be surprised: in Russia, the sun also shines!


the only reason this wouldn't happen in russia is you might not have roof access in your apartment block or your dacha might collapse from your weight

russia's summer is significantly hotter than the uk's


The moment you realize: The language-learning website teacher you "sunbathing" before "number." I still have no idea what that word is.


Why is "Tim is on the roof sunbathing" Wrong ?


It is accepted now.


I typed 'Tim is getting tanned on the roof' and it was marked as wrong :(


In general American that would sound more like his father was spanking him. "That kid broke my sunglasses, and I'm gonna tan his hide!"


I don't think that is normal?

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