"That woman is older than I am."

Translation:Die vrouw is ouder dan ik ben.

3 years ago



Waarom niet "ouder dan mij" ? Dat past toch ook

3 years ago

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No, you cannot say 'ouder dan mij'. We drop the verb in the second part of the sentence. The full sentence is 'Die vrouw is ouder dan ik ben'. You cannot say 'ouder dan mij ben'. (Does that make sense?)

Fun fact (well, "fun"): a lot of us say it wrong. Either 'ouder dan mij', 'ouder als ik' or even worse 'ouder als mij'. All of those are wrong, and the only correct sentence would be 'ouder dan ik (ben)'.

3 years ago


In english you could say it two ways 1. ...older than me 2. ...older than i am

Would both translate into the same thing in Dutch?

4 months ago
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