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Dutch Tree 2.0

Hoi allemaal!

We are now officially able to build our Tree 2.0! This means that we can edit the existing course and add some brand new words, lessons, and skills! A new voice (!) and bonus skills are coming soon™. We already have some ideas, but we would like to hear your suggestions!

  • Did you see any strange sentences, words or typos that we should change immediately?
  • Are there any skills that should appear earlier, need more attention or that are too long/short in your opinion?
  • Which new grammar/vocabulary skills would you like to see in your future new tree?
  • Do you need some more ducks? (We know they’re important!)

We cannot do everything of course:

Things we cannot do

  • We can’t add a words tab.
  • We can’t add gender labels.
  • We cannot change the distribution of (NL<->EN) exercises.

Don’t hesitate, every (doable) suggestion is welcome!

Groetjes from Team Dutch!

November 6, 2015



Definitely more ducks and maybe some rabbits please?


Sure, but what about the poor rhino's, and don't forget the lawyer love story! And people talking to their beverages of course.


Maybe a lesson regarding separable words could be very helpful. I had quite the trouble until I figured out how words like "waarvoor" and "waarin" worked.


Perhaps a whole section of multiple lessons on various separable verbs. I frequently get completely confused when I first encounter a separable verb, especially when I've already encountered the root (e.g. zien vs uitzien: "❤❤❤ ziet het eruit?").


Separable verbs are the curse of learning Dutch. You can hear one part and by the time its partner arrives part one is forgotten! There is a case for providing a different section solely to tackle this.


I'd like to see more daily life vocabulary. Vocabulary that perhaps a recent immigrant would find immediately useful; finding a dwelling,things about the dwelling, using public transport, finding a job, things about the job, shopping, etc...


I'm only halfway up the tree, but I would suggest breaking down some sentences (like counting 11-20) into smaller ones.


That's added to our to-do list! :)


Yes the paragraph exercises are killers when I'm doing timed practice. Breaking them down would be great.


The longer sentences could be added in bonus lessons or move down the tree to the more advanced levels. But longer sentences are fun. Like this one: "Eindelijk stopte Jasper Cillessen vrijdag in de oefeninterland tegen Wales eens een strafschop, maar de doelman van Oranje kon daar amper van genieten. "


screams internally for several minutes unhelpfully adds Yeah! Whoo! WHooo!!!


Whoo! Hooo!'s are never unhelpful! Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


One thing that the French tree did that you don't have in the Dutch tree (at least not as far as I have gone with it) is tests where you are asked to select ALL correct answers and more than one is right. There are two types of sentence where this could happen. You could have a formal and informal solution, and you could have a singular and plural solution when translating from English "you".


I agree! This would be very useful to have.

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