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"Gehst du nach Hause oder bist du schon zu Hause?"

Translation:Are you going home or are you already at home?

November 7, 2015



I am confused about usage of "nach" and "zu" since the definition of "zu" was given as "to/towards" earlier. How does "zu" mean "at" here? And why is it Hause but not Haus?


These are idioms, and Hause means home, while Haus means house.

Zu Hause means at home; nach Hause means towards home, moving towards home.

See: http://www.thegermanprofessor.com/zuhauseornachhause/


Hause is the old dative case of Haus.

But zu Hause and nach Hause are fixed expressions and don't necessarily refer to a house.


Why ‘do you go home or are you already at home?’ is not correct?


Should accept "do you go home"


Are you going home or are you home? that's what i said and its practically the same thing...


These ZU,NACH,BEIM makes me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ nervous. Grrrrrrrrr.


Could it also be Are you going to the house or are you already at home?


Duo has previously not insisted on the english present continuous. 'Do you go..' is Duo-speak. Just saying.


Are you going home or are you already there?


How do Hause and Heim differ?


There's no difference between "nach Hause" and the adverb "heim". But be careful, "Heim" as a noun tends to (but doesn't have to) refer to an old people's home, a children's home or even an asylum rather than someone's home.
"Ich gehe heim" = "Ich gehe nach Hause" - "I'm going home"
"Er ist in einem (or just "im" instead of "in einem") Heim aufgewachsen" - "He grew up in a children's home"
"Ich bin zuhause/zu Hause" - "I'm at home". This could also be "Ich bin daheim", but my understanding is that this is mainly used in the south (southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
"Das ist mein Zuhause" - ("Das ist mein Heim", if you must use it) = "this is my home" ("Heimat", if you're talking about a region, state, country, etc., and there are other options which I just can't think of right now).


I said "are you going home or already at your house" mindlessly, but, should It be accepted?


there aren't enough words in this level 3 task, you should have to transcribe War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy in German, that should be adequate

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