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"La junulo ne povas esti stulta, ĉar li studas matematikon."

Translation:The young man cannot be stupid because he studies mathematics.

November 7, 2015



A regrettable fallacy which plagues several people I know.


That's such an eloquent way to put it


Yes, but wouldn't that mean the fallacy plagues the people, in other words the belief that someone cannot be stupid for studying mathematics, rather than it meaning the people themselves being plagued with stupidity in spite of studying mathematics?

But I guess that may have been exactly what they meant to say, in which case fine, and also, yes, rather eloquent :)


I'm a young man studying for a maths PhD. I am, however, extremely foolish. I too was plagued by this fallacy at one point, and the fall was hard when I found out the truth.

Is it better to be a fool who knows it, or a fool who thinks he is a genius?


for some reason I really like you now :D Mi sxatas vin nun (?)


Far better to be a fool who knows it, since you can fix the ignorance. The only thing worse than a fool who thinks he is a genius is a fool who knows he's a fool and willfully remains so.


I study math as well and I have an F in that class. I think I might not be as smart...


Plenty of smart people are not so good in maths. Lots of times, they are simply not taught well. Look up 'math tricks' on Youtube to see math tricks they probably didn't teach you in school. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=math+tricks


I'm using khan academy and it's helping me a lot, I'll check this one out too thanks.

I'm not saying my teacher is great but I'm not saying she's not good either. It's mainly me being lazy and just recently trying to catch up after realizing my screw up.

[deactivated user]

    He can't be stupid because he studies maths, but he could be stupid for some other reason.


    As a mathematician I approve of this message.


    So, should we say "math" or "maths"? ;-)


    Both are correct. Math is American, Maths is British & almost everywhere else.


    Actually, I was just being facetious about the 'math' vs. 'maths' situation. I know a lot of Brits online; it's always an interesting debate. Thanks for answering, though. Who knows, others may actually seriously wonder.


    Whoops! Whoosh on my part ;)


    Tio estas grandega paralogismo!

    (Oh, the things one can find in a dictionary!!)



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