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  5. "Я сейчас не в Москве."

"Я сейчас не в Москве."

Translation:I am not in Moscow now.

November 7, 2015



Is 'I am not currently in Moscow' not an appropriate way to say it?


Nope, it's fine. We usually accept now, at the moment and currently pretty consistently. Probably forgot a few times here.


Could this mean "I am no longer in Moscow"? I was wondering if it should be accepted or if this is a different phrase altogether.


I'm pretty late. Not sure if you've learned this already but I'll answer just in case. I'm not a native, but if you want to say "no longer" I would opt for «Я теперь не в Москве». Теперь means now in the sense of "as opposed to before;" it's used when things have changed- "It was this, but now it's this." In our case, "I was in Moscow, but now I'm not --> I'm no longer in Moscow --> I'm not in Moscow now."

Simply because this sentence uses сейчас I'm tempted to think there is no change from a previous condition is implied; rather, it's just a simple "I'm not in Moscow at the moment."

Native speakers feel free to tell me why I have no idea what I'm talking about.


It depends on whether you think "now" and "no longer" mean the same thing.


I guess "no longer" is probably too specific because although it still would mean "I am not currently in Moscow", it also means that I was recently there, which I suppose is not necessarily conveyed by the sentence "Я сейчас не в Москве".


My thoughts exactly. "Now", "yet/still", "already", "no longer" all describe what is happening now but are quite different in how they place "now" in relation to what WAS and what is about to come.

In Russian, "already" is rendered with уже, and "no longer" is expressed with уже не (=already not) or больше не (lit. "no more"). I guess, теперь не also has a good overlap with this meaning in some situations.


I thought there might be a better translation of no longer. Thanks a lot for the info about уже не. Very interesting :)


Is я не сейчас в Москве an acceptable way to say it?


It means "I am in Moscow not now", whatever you might use it for.


I thought it was москва, not москве. Why the е instead of the а?


I cant hear the B at all, is that actually being peonounced or is in normal speech totally avoided and being implicit?


wouldn't 'I now am not in Moscow" work?


When I press the microphone, within 1 second it stops and says I'm incorrect, before I get a chance to speak.


Does "Я не в Москве" have a different meaning?


Different from what?


Different from "Я сейчас не в Москве". In other words, can we omit "сейчас" and, if so, will the meaning stay exactly the same?


The meaning is rather close but it is not expressed the same way.

It is similar to how "Tom is not available" and "Tom is not available right now" are not quite the same (for one, adding "right now" suggests he may become available soon). If they were, English would not have the word for "now".


It sounds to me as if the woman is saying Más-kvye. If the stress is on the first syllable, shouldn't the letter O be pronounced as O? Môs-kvye?

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