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  5. "Tell me, is Vanya here?"

"Tell me, is Vanya here?"

Translation:Скажите, Ваня тут?

November 7, 2015



Why "тут" instead of "здесь"?

[deactivated user]

    I was wondering the same thing. According to this page I found, тут is more informal than здесь. That is as much as I found out, guess I would like more clarification, as well.


    [deactivated user]

      Like, how would I know from this sentence alone, that the more informal version should be used? I only knew to use здесь before, and was never told I was using it wrong.


      I've never even had this word before. XD;

      I think the point is that the name used is 'Ваня', which is an informal way of saying 'Иван'. I agree that earlier lessons did not make this distinction, however, as 'здесь' was the go-to-word for everything.


      This isn't necessarily informal. Ваня is informal, but скажите is formal or plural. You might be talking to more than one person, or perhaps Ваня is a child and you're talking to his grandfather, who is more than old enough to be your father. You might use the respectful вы form with his grandfather while still calling him Ваня.

      In any case, while тут is somewhat less formal it's still appropriate to use здесь in informal settings. If it wasn't accepted you should definitely report it.


      Thanks for the insight, Theron. I'm glad to hear I wasn't completely off-track in my second post. The point about the grandfather is a good one, though. I hadn't thought of that.

      I failed for not selecting all correct translations. Never having gotten тут beforeб, I only selected здесь and got discounted on that. I'll verify it on the second go around, but right now, I think that was why it knocked me down a peg.


      Very good point! Other than knowing the context it's being used in, the only way to know that it's completely informal is if you say, "скажи, ваня тут?"


      скажи, здесь Ваня? REPORTED 7/25/2021

      [deactivated user]

        Oooh! Maybe it IS because the name is informal! I did not stop to think about that. That would make sense!


        Well, that's the only clue I can find about informality. The first word 'Скажите' is in formal or plural form. I guess from the fact that Ваня is used, we can then infer the speaker is addressing more than one person? So 'Скажи, Ваня тит?' would be the form if you address one person, I guess.

        Trying to learn this language is like trying to cross a minefield of little clues without upsetting the bears that sleep between them. XD I enjoy the difficulty, despite how often I despair at its many pitfalls.

        I guess I'll just have to take it one beartrap at a time. XD


        But isnt скажите formal?


        Was здесь marked wrong? I'd report that. In most cases you can use тут an здесь interchangeably.


        I just verified, здесь is accepted, so all looks to be in order.


        I was also very confused too! We were only taught how to use здесь.


        Duo lingo seems to be based on the principle of guess first, then learn....


        Actually it is! The goal is for us to learn like a child would, without any explanation ( which doesnt exclude looking up on the internet...) this method, i believe makes learning more " natural" and easier to remember


        What is the difference between "здесь", "тут" and "сюда"?


        "Здесь" and "тут" have the same meaning, "тут" is a bit less formal. They are interchangeable as far as this course is concerned. "Сюда" describes movement "to here".


        I dont get it; if we have to use тут instead of здесь because Ваня is dimimutive, why we have to use cкажите instead of скажи?


        I came here with this same question. The inferences in these lessons are frustrating. Either you're meant to guess something is formal, or informal and then a case like this it could be plural, but looks both formal and informal and you can be marked wrong! Because of these blurred lines I keep getting sentences wrong! Sitting here trying to decipher the game duolingo is playing lol...


        Skazhite Zdes Vanya?


        I wrote that too, what's wrong with that word order?


        How can both "скажи" and "скажите" be correct?


        Скажи is used with ты (informal singular), скажите with вы (plural or formal singular).


        So basically, it's the difference between "Dude, tell me, is Vanya here?" and "Oi, mates, can you guys tell me, is Vanya here?'


        Something like that, though I personally would never say either of those sentences... :-D


        They're example sentences intended to showcase the difference. I did not expect them to be a regular part of your repertoire. * snerks *


        Why is it скажите, and not сказать?


        Сказать is an infinitive as in можете сказать (can you tell (me))


        Am I right in thinking there's 3 ways of saying here?


        Why not "скажите тут ваня?"


        I'm native russian speaker and this also accepted. May be this translation not included in data base.


        Is this sentence actually an incorrect way of translating? скажи меня ваня там


        Там means there, and скажи requires dative case (скажи мне).


        sorry meant to type вот Do you know the grammatical reasoning behind скажи requiring dative and not accusative?


        Вот is an introductory word meaning "here is...", so it wouldn't work here either. I'm not sure about the second question but I think that accusative is usually used with the direct subject of an action, which, in case of the verb сказать, is the thing that is told. So, for instance, "Tell me the password" is translated as Скажи мне пароль - мне in dative, пароль in accusative.


        Can anyone explain why 'а' is used in the translation here: Скажи мне, а Ваня здесь?


        Hi all, I wrote: Говорит мне, вот Ваня? Is this correct?


        It means She/he tells (is telling) me here is Vanya.


        Ok now how mny words exactly do we have for "here"


        why is "Скажите мне" wrong?


        Nope. it's a polite/plural form


        "Скажите, здесь Ваня?". Is marked wrong. (11/9/2020) Why?


        You changed the word order. Sounds good, though


        Здесь go toot (Тут)!


        they should probably include printable vocab lists to learn/look at/ familiarize yourself with etc... deuh... at the beginning of each section so you don't get stupid random unknown words just popping up for no reason whatsoever.


        Why is Скажи wrong? Ваня surely means you know the person


        Not wrong at all. Report it


        Does скажешь mean something or only the imperative and second plurial do. Anyway it is false to them.

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