"Yes, this is a sweater."

Translation:Да, это свитер.

November 7, 2015

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is there a difference between э and з? I try to do the first character but the closest I get is є which it says is completely wrong. When I use з it accepts it but says it is a typo... How do I get the right character for это without doing a copy and paste?


They are different letters entirely! З is the Russian "Z" and is dimpled inward. Э is the letter "eh" and is more like a backwards "C" with a dash added in the middle. (It's located on the apostrophe/quotation marks key of an English keyboard! The Russian alphabet has more characters than ours so they take up some of our other keys)

Both of the Russian characters Э and Е ("yeh") would be represented by an English letter "E".


З is Z in russian


How do you write in cyrillic with your keyboard ? Thanks.for the answer ! :)


I downloaded Google Keyboard ans downloaded the Russian keyboard as well so I can switch back and forth from English to Russian in one tap.


Me too. Although Google Keybourd does not have a Punjabi (Gurmukhi) and Urdu keybourd. So I have to download Swiftkey keybourd too.

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    I'm using the phonetic keyboard from here http://winrus.com/kbd_e.htm


    CBNTEP = Sweater. AKTeP = Actor. That means if you want to learn russian then forget english otherwise you will see some jumbled up english capital letters.


    Your CBNTEP is wrong its И not N


    Свитер=sweater. Актер=actor


    Masterrussian.com This website has the Russian Alphabet.


    (Why) is it wrong to say вот это instead of just это?


    That would mean something more like, here's a sweater - giving it to someone or pointing it out. Вот is similar to voilà or voici in French.


    I believe because вот это means here this is. Это can mean this is a, this is, you don't need вот unless asking about a location like "here" or "where"


    where do I find the Russian alphabet so that I can complete this kind of question?


    is э the same as е?


    Э is really like the French letter è, if it helps, and е is like the French é (borrowed in English in some words, like café, fiancé, né etc...).

    Э like in bed /bɛd/.
    е like in mace.


    They are different letters, so they are not interchangeable in writing. In some words (like свитер) е is pronounced in the same way as э.


    Is R the same a P?


    There are a bunch of Russian characters that look like Latin characters but are different! What looks like Р in Russian is their "R", as in Россия!


    Do not have cyrillic keyboard. How to skip to next questionn?


    You're really going to need it for these lessons. Are you on a phone android?


    when do you use это, етот ето ??? when one be appropriate versus the other?


    They can mean "this" except I believe ето is just a misspelling of это.

    этот means "this" and it's used to define masculine nouns. For example этот свитер = this sweater (basically all nouns ending with a consonant are masculine)

    это also means "this" but it is neuter form, so it's used word neuter nouns. For example это молоко = this milk. There are three linguistic genders in Russian. The third is feminine and it uses эта for "this __".

    However, это is also another word that is used as a standalone word to refer to basically anything when you want to introduce it: Это моя мама. - This is my mum. Это свитер. - It is a sweater. Это рыбы. - They are fish (plural). So in this use, это basically translates to "This/It is..."


    Д - D, а - a: да - da

    э - e ("eh sound"), т - t, о - o: это - eto (the o is actually pronounced like a because the stress/accent is on э and not on o)

    с - s, в - v, и - i ("ee sound"), т - t, е - ye, р - r (rolling R): свитер - sviter (loan word from "sweater")


    Why cyrillic letters don't appear under the question ? We can't answer and valid unity !!!! It is impossible to evolute !


    I can't change my keyboard, so it's hard to type in Russian, I can't do some things


    For some words, it will let me use the letter's equivalent and accept it. For example, велосипед I can write velociped and it will say its correct. For the ones duo won't accept, I just copy and paste. Not the perfect solution, but I hope it helps!


    I don't understand how we can complete the Russian lesson if we do not have use of Russian letters. It is impossible. If we substitute English characters it fails us.


    At 'свитер' the 'р' at the end sounds like 'a' instead of 'r'


    I dont know how to change the keyboard to russian


    On a PC Ctrl Win key 'O' brings up an on-screen keyboard. To add/change a language go to Settings, time and language, language - and add your new language. Save this. You can then toggle between English and your new language on the screen by clicking the 'ENG' button on the right hand side of the taskbar next to the time.


    Is the "и" an "eh" sound? I wanted to spell out the phonetic in russian but that was wrong. What dictates the use of "и"?


    Can i write свитер as /sviter/? Give me advice, plz? Thanks everyone?

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