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Why are you learning Russian?

November 7, 2015



I actually spoke Russian fluently till elementary school and it was the only language I could speak before kindergarten. Someday I refused to speak Russian and now I forgot like half of it :/

My family speaks Russian, so I can understand a lot. When it comes to speaking, I'm not very good...I have a German accent, my pronounciation is not the best and I keep forgetting words and some grammar rules.

I tried to learn Russian again a month ago, but I stopped for a while, because my grandma told me my Russian is bad and I speak with a German accent...I already knew that my grandma is not a sensitive person, but that was really demotivating to hear. I refuse to give up, so I'm trying again now.

I also want to speak with my uncle from Russia who can't speak German. The last time he came to visit, I could only say Привет, hahahaha. Maybe he will visit us again on Christmas, so I want to be able to talk with him a little this year!


For Russian native speakes different prononciations and accents don't make any problems in conversation.


I think it is totally okay to speak with a German accent at first. The more you practise the more you will get a better accent. This worked even for me and I don’t have any relatives who speak Russian.


Your story reminds me a lot of my boyfriend =) He was also raised speaking Russian (+ German) but at some point refused to use Russian and lost most of it. When he tried to speak it later, he couldn't produce the sounds properly anymore and stopped speaking altogether. His listening is still pretty okay (mostly because his mother speaks Russian 75% of the time) but hardly speaks (he answers her in German). Reading and writing skills are non-existent though - he always refused to learn Cyrillic.

He doesn't really regret it though - but I kind of do! It just feels like a waste to me (as someone who had to work a long time before getting a second language - English - to a native-like level) and it would be awesome to have a native speaker to practice with... But he just isn't interested in languages the way I am ^^


They sound like great reasons. Good idea to ignore your grandmother's comments, I reckon.


Very good reasons to learn. I wish you the best of success! :)


I learned Russian because everybody in my family spoke it, plus it was a language of our neighbour country-Russia. :) I love Russian.


Well I like knitting and crochet and years ago,I found that some of the best patterns are in Russian and Japanese magazines. So I wanted to learn Russian, at the least be able to read it. I definitely figured out the words for "free download" fast lol. Though I can't remember them right now since it's been a few years since I've looked for patterns on the internet.

I bought a Pimsluer Russian course and liked it (the one where its only around $30, not the full course) but never wanted to spend the money to buy the full course because it is so expensive. So here I am years later finally getting to learn Russian FOR FREE (yay) and I am very thankful for that.

I also like how Russian sounds. The soft sounds ж and ш give it a similar kind of feeling like French to me. And then you have all those fun consonants to pronounce back to back. And I'm not being sarcastic. Even though some combinations are hard, it's like a tongue twister or figuring out a puzzle or something. Not sure how to explain it. For instance I like the tactile feel, the mouth feel of здравствуйте. Its fun being able to pronounce the combination. I learned здравствуйте on pimsluer before knowing how it's spelled (which I only just found out this past week) So hearing it helps. Hopefully there will be a better and more natural sounding Russian voice for the course eventually.

I still may have to go slow on Russian until the app availability kicks in. Im having sound issues with my browser. I do everything on my phone and non of the browsers on my phone are doing the sound right. Literally, the only sound I get is when I can press the repeat audio button. The sound is not automatic. Also no sound on picture choice, no sound on individual words. Yes my settings are correct both on duo and browser. It does this for the other courses now as well which had not been a problem for me since I use the phone app for practice. This wasn't a problem months ago when I did some practice on the website so whatever programming scripts they changed is not working for me now. And I have no "slow" button to show up which I think I saw someone else comment on the slowed down voice. And I can't access discussion which I think is also happening to some others. And I didn't get a notification email either when the course was ready. :-/ Despite all these setbacks, at least Russian is finally on here to learn.


Because it's there!


Russia is my neighbour country, and speaking it can open up many business and social opportunities. I'm from Finland and we have many russians here.


I've always been interested in the language and culture. I study languages at my university, but I must say Slavic languages have a special place in my heart. :) I also have good friends from Russian speaking countries, I would really like to be able to speak fluently with them. ^^

[deactivated user]

    It's a very beautiful language. It is an important country in world politics and has a very interesting culture and history.


    I ended up taking it ab initio at uni almost by accident, fell in love, dropped French. Now I'm attempting to regain and revise my very rusty and dusty knowledge.


    Because it's like opening the door to a whole new world for me. Being able to understand what those "cryptic" Russian characters (Cyrillic) mean has fascinated me since childhood. Furthermore the culture where I live has hidden Russian influences everywhere and discovering them is becoming quite a fun game.

    Professionally of course it's a great career investment. Russian is IMO second only to Chinese in business usefulness.


    My grandfather was born in Russia, and it's been difficult to find information about his family history there, so I thought learning Russian may help with the process. And I just want to learn as many languages as I can.


    I've always found the culture and it's history fascinating, and love the literature I've read; I think it would be cool to try reading some Russian novellas in their mother tongue someday. Russia's also my next travel destination goal (I especially want to see Yasnaya Polyana), so I would love to know the language well enough to get around when I'm finally able to go


    So many reasons...

    I originally started learning Russian in high school. It was the only language that I could fit into my schedule.

    My uncle married a Russian lady, so I'm looking forward to being able to say things to her in Russian at Christmas.

    Russian is an important country in the world politically. It could be very useful to know this language. I like the language and the more I know, the more I like the people and the culture.


    I love russian culture. And as Im trying to get a job in a business related career, I think russian would be really beneficial.


    i am learning russian because i have a friends who's sister is russian. so i can talk to her in her language.


    Just for pleasure. I really love the russian pronunciation. I would want to have friends/family who speak Russian :/


    I was adopted from Russia by Americans when I was 4 years old, and when I moved to America I learned and spoke only English. So I lost most of my Russian and I want to learn it again.

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