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Duolingo and Moodle

A few other posts from months/years ago have mentioned Moodle in passing. I'm setting up the Moodle for my university's first year English students and would like to encourage them to use Duolingo (many of them have access to smartphones but not computers over the weekend). I'm just starting out with Moodle and Duolingo as an educator, but if I set up a class in Duo for any students who join, can I display a leaderboard from that class on the course page for Moodle? I'm unlikely to ever assign Duo as homework, but I know some of the students are very competitive and would love to be top of their school's leaderboard even if it means practicing English.

Also, any other tips/tricks/really excellent uses of Moodle with Duo?

(Hat tip to IanGwyther who suggested in an old discussion that External Tools works with Duo. How's it working for you, Ian?)

November 7, 2015



Thanks April I had some success with some students but the use of moodle wasn't that developed in the school and the learner had a wide range of IT skills so found some would log in and others found it less useful or preferred paper. What I later discovered with another app was how to use the embed external tool properly. It's been some time since I've done it but when you want to do this you need to get a code from the site your embedding, sorry can't recall the name of it, put this into the embed external tool on the moodle and what will happen then is you can get the tools grading to work with the moodle which will then add the website quizzes and activities to your classes gradebook and the score they have got. Not sure if Duolingo does this but it did open in the moodle when it was embedded.

Just found the name of the code looked at Zaption although you need to pay for this function with that site. What you need to find is called the LTI key.


Don't quite get it ,sorry. what is Zaption?


Hi Jozin

Zaption was a great tool for making interactive video. Unfortunately,it was bought by some large corporate behemoth that promptly shut it down to put in its overpriced LMS. If you know of any other tools for creating interactive videos which will allow people to join in the way kahoot uses a pin code and make the experience a group activity to allow discussion and ideas to flow more then please let me know.


That is my same problem. Thanks for writing your post.

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