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  5. "Спасибо, у меня всё отлично."

"Спасибо, у меня всё отлично."

Translation:Thanks, everything is excellent.

November 7, 2015



Why can we not translate as "Thank you, everything is perfect with me".?


Or "Thanks, everything is great with me."


I said "Thank you, I'm great" - which sounds slightly American, to UK ears, but still more natural than "everything is great with me". Does anyone say that in real life? But neither is accepted, as far as I can tell. Only: "everything is excellent", which ignores the "with me" angle altogether.


I can't swear I've used "Everything is great with me", but it sounds totally natural to my ears.


When a waiter/tress asks your table if everything is fine, and no one else speaks up its appropriate to say "it's all fine by me, what about you guys?" to answer, repeat the question, and coax an answer out of your comrades.


Different languages have slightly different ways of expressing things being just different words. Duo seems to translate into the nearest way we works day something even if it's not a word for word replacement. I find that useful, actually.


Actually, saying "Thanks, I'm great," is describing yourself, making you sound a little bit self-centered and is not really something we use to describe our situation here in the good, ol' U.S. of A.


It's actually a good way to say "I don't require anything else" when speaking to a server, where I'm from (Canada), if you are alone at a table. Interchangeably with everything is great. The first means it's fine, the second means it's great, so there's a slight nuance, i find.

But good to know this is just duo translating idioms, because i was confused by the placement of меня in the sentence before hitting the comment section.


Or "thanks, I'm doing perfect"


The short answer is: "perfect" is a different word.


Thanks, I got the idea it meant perfect from Duo's translations earlier...after looking it up I now realize it actually means excellent and perfect is совершенный or безупречный.


With my translation, the "by me" part was superfluous. Is that grammatically incorrect in English, "everything is fine by me" ?


The phrase "fine by me" generally means that you don't care one way or the other.


It would be "Everything is excellent/fine with me" perfect is a different word.


Yeah, I put "thanks, by me everything is excellent" because that was the best I could figure out, but apparently direct translations are not acceptable


Because it purposely said "у меня" I said "Thanks, everything is perfect with me." If the "with me" is not allowed there,, why the "у меня"?


Ditto. I'll report it.


Can i say : 'спасибо всё отлично?' Why use 'у меня?'


Yes, you can. With "у меня" it sounds more personal, like "I'm doing excellent".


Or "Everything is perfect with me."

[deactivated user]

    But that translation is not accepted as correct!


    Yes, just reported this. July2018


    still not accepted March2019


    Thank you, I just ran into the same thing.


    still not accepted June 2020 this is somewhat worrying.


    Thanks, to me everything is perfect


    It's more like, "Thanks, with me or by me everything is perfect."


    I wonder why this isn't the answer then


    Because of 'у меня' I put "Thanks, everything I have is excellent." as an answer. but that is incorrect.


    I put the same thing. It seems to me to be a very proper phrase of saying, "Everything is excellent with me"


    Yeah, that confused me too. I got the impression that it was somehow different than just saying Спасибо всё отлично.


    Correct me if i am wrong, but would есть need to be in there to make it 'everything i have?'


    I would think so, too


    Thank you, I'm excellent. Why doesn't that work? Thank you! :)


    Could it be compared to the german "Danke, bei mir ist alles ok" ? It seems pretty similar to me..


    Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. I understand perfectly what the russian sentence wants to say but I have to guess what silly "english" construction is accepted... :(


    That would largely be solved if fairly literal translations were accepted, as long as they are grammatical, keep the sense and don't sound too odd. This isn't an English course.

    For example, I answered "Thank you, everything is fine with me" which is close to the Russian, and something I could say in a restaurant without sounding foreign. But that wasn't accepted.


    why ""thank you, everything is alright "" is wrong


    I suspect it is because "alright" implies okay (not bad, not great) and отлично is "excellent."


    oooh so i keep hearing o's as a's, is there any way to tell the difference, how can i tell? i wrote отлична instead.


    Unfortunately, there is really no way in hearing alone to tell the difference between an unstressed o and an unstressed a.

    From Russian for Everyone, see section 3.2, subsection "Vowel Reduction Rule 2." Anywhere after the stress, o and a both sound like a schwa. In отлично, the stress is on the и. So in this, it comes down to memorizing that отлично ends with an o.


    O is only pronounced as "O" if it is the stressed syllable in the word (if the word has more than one syllable). If it is the syllable immediately before the stress, it is pronounced as an "A", and if it is any other syllable in the word it is pronounced as an "uh". The same goes for the letter A.


    What would be the literal translation of this sentence? Would it be something like "Thanks, I have all things fine" or something like that?


    Thanks, everything is perfect for me?


    I put here All is fine, is the same as everithing is perfect


    Thanks, to me everything is perfect


    i answered "Thanks, I'm all good." but it's wrong lol


    Everything is perfect FOR ME (у меня) doesn't make the grade for some reason.


    Out of 55 comments before mine, not one person explains why so many of us failed to translate this phrase correctly, and why "у меня" seems to have a ghost presence in this phrase. Why are translations of "everything around me is perfect" and "everything is perfect with me" considered wrong, but there are no detailed explanations?


    I had this same problem. To me, "Everything is perfect," or "Everything is excellent," especially without context as is the case here, means "Everything throughout the entire universe is perfect/excellent." If that is what "У меня всё отлучно" means, what role does "у меня" serve in the sentence? Would just "Bсё отлучно" be incomplete or incorrect? I'm confused.


    I got the impression that it was trying to say more like "Thank you, everything I have (like food or drink)is excellent." Like when u talk to a waiter. Not "I am doing excellent."


    I wrote - thank you, all is excellent -. Why wasn't it accepted. Can anyone help me?


    Well, as I see most of us are trying the transliteration of the phrase which is a mistake. Even though "thank you, everything is excellent with me" must be a correct answer, it is not a natural expression. e.g. (try this) We say: "it is raining cats and dogs"
    Which means - it's raining a lot or rain is pouring plentifully. Now in spanish we say: 《Llueve a cantaros》 Its english transliteration is "it rains in pitches/bukets" and this is not a common expression in english as 《llueven perros y gatos》is not in spanish (transliteration of the english espession). So, I guess we should check and try to understand and remember every answer we give for any language we are learning. Hope this helps to comprehend how each lunguage works.


    You mean literal translation? Transliteration would be to take the Cyrillic "Спасибо, у меня всё отлично" and put it in Roman letters: "Spasiba, oo menya vsyo otleechna". I agree with your assessment on the idioms. I've been wanting to learn more Spanish idioms too.


    I think Russian is a very beautiful language! That fact has motivated me to learn all the alphabet and maybe like 100 words and i hope in a year i will understand Russian enough to have a fairly simple conversation.


    By me everything is excellent?


    Thanks, I have everything perfect?


    I tried "Thank you all is well" Why was that not accepted?


    My guess is that "well" is not as positive as "excellent".

    [deactivated user]

      All is well thanks, should be an answer


      Why does the phrase use the verb 'I have' and yet if I type 'I have everything perfect', I am incorrect?


      What about "thank you, all my stuff is perfect"?


      Not a good translation, in my opinion, as the original doesn't mention any "stuff". "Everything" is not the same as: "All my stuff". For some reason, I imagine this as the answer in a hotel or restaurant, when staff ask if everything's OK. You reply: "Thank you, everything's excellent." "Everything", in this case, not being "your stuff", but the food, the room - whatever they are asking about.

      Or, it could just be a friend, checking if anything's wrong: "You're quiet, is everything OK?" "Yes, everything's perfect."

      You wouldn't say: "All my stuff" here.


      why can't i say "thanks, everything is ok"


      Am I the only one who hears Оклично?


      I responded "Thank you, mine is all excellent". I was thinking in context of replying to a waiter at a restaurant or something. Why is this wrong, and how would I say it in the restaurant situation?


      What about: Thanks, I'm perfectly fine? I mean, is it wrong, I'm not a native speaker...?


      Can't be 'thanks, everything is perfect by here'? If I remember well у + genitive is used also to talk about a person's place


      Is 'Thanks, everything is good' acceptable?


      Ну, почему "у меня"?


      I tried a more literal translation «Thanks, to me everything is fine». I think that should be correct, shouldn't it?


      No, because it's unnatural. It's not something a native English speaker would say. Translations that are too literal sound odd, and I don't believe they should be accepted, as the translation should not only capture the meaning, but sound natural too.


      Are you nuts? 'All' not accepted?


      thank you, i have everything perfect


      That doesn't make sense.


      Just want to ask, why does у меня matter here?


      I would have used всё отлично. The Y menя part seems extra


      oh, good, I'm not alone.


      That ain't what it says


      Can we translate 'everything is excellent' in this task as 'всё отлично' instead of 'у меня всё отлично'?


      A Russian native speaker "olimo" replied to this exact question a few years ago. Look near the top, or search for her. In general, you can use the browser search to find your text, so that you can find comments on your question.


      When i need to use "y"?


      I wrote " Thanks, all is excellent" and it was wrong. So, what is the difference between "everything" and "all" and why is "all" wrong here?

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