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  5. "Здесь мальчик?"

"Здесь мальчик?"

Translation:Is a boy here?

November 7, 2015



Why isn't "Is there a boy here?" correct?


I was wondering about the same thing. In fact, the given solution (Is a boy here?) sounds totally wrong.


It's accepted now. Thank you if you reported it.


I tried both "is the boy here?" and "is there a boy here?"... neither one was accepted. They are correct though, right?


can we say "мальчик Здесь?" ?


That will be "Is the boy here?" Russian tends to say the "definite" words first and then introduce new things, people, etc.

In fact, you can say "Здесь мальчик?" in two different ways:

  • Здесь мальчик? - Is the boy here? (the default translation of "Is a boy here?" looks strange to me). The meaning is the same as in "Мальчик здесь?"
  • Здесь мальчик? - Is it a boy here?


Thanks, and thanks for replying to my comments in general, Lingots+ :D


Would the vocabulary or word order change at all if it wasn't a question?


No, it would not. You'd normally say "Здесь мальчик" for "There is a boy here" or "Мальчик здесь" for "The boy is here". The stress falls to the last word.


What is the difference between здець and вот? Both mean "here"?


Not здець but здесь. Basically здесь is "here" and вот is "Here is..." or "Here are..." "Здесь" means "here" as the place of location of something ("Здесь пусто" - "It's empty here"), while "вот" is "here" too but it's used when you're pointing something out ("Вот твои ключи" - "Here are your keys").


Is the ь in мальчик supposed to be pronounced or is it unpronounced?


It's a soft mark, so you don't really hear it. It sort of softens the L preceding sound, in this case the 'L'.


I'm a bit confused. I'm not using the Cyrillic alphabet, yet the app recognizes my phrases as almost correct. However, "zdez malchik" was deemed completely wrong. Is it even possible to get correct answers when trying to type with the wrong alphabet?


Same here with my "zdec malchik." Really discouraging.


avoid learning Russian with the wrong alphabet http://russian.typeit.org/


Without Cyrillic, just what IS correct?


I don't think you should learn Russian without cyrillic


I'm also working w/o cyrillic on my keyboard. I KNOW cyrillic, but even though I'm following latin/roman translit, it's still dinging me for spelling.


Does it matter which order you put the words in? As in, do 'здесь мальчик' and 'мальчик здесь' mean different things?


If the sentence is affirmative, there is no difference, if the other, then it depends on the intonation.


someone explained it really well earlier in this same conversation.


Why is "Is here a boy?" the wrong translation? It means exactly the same as the 'correct' answer "Is a boy here?", or does it not?


Depending on the lesson, they may want "a" boy or they may want "the" boy. Plus "Is here a boy" is awkward in english. English is big on Subject + Predicate (verb) + Adverb and/or Adjective, object etc.


No, it isn't proper English. It sounds like something Russians learning English might say...


It may not be proper English, but we all know how many other correct answers are not proper English. In fact, I just got this one wrong because I had a question just 3 previous that said здесь не руссиа, meaning "here is not russia", but so many people complained that they changed the correct answer to "this is not russia". So, I thought maybe this followed the same rules and I said "This is a boy". Of course this was wrong, but I'm still trying to figure out why it works in one case and not in another.


I typed "Here is a boy" nope. Any help???


"Is a boy here?" "Is here a boy?" Same question. This is not wrong.


I think its supposed to be is there a boy here

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