"Citronen är sur."

Translation:The lemon is sour.

November 7, 2015

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I entered "The lemon is grumpy" on a lark, and got what I deserved.


I would give you a lingot for taking one for the team, but mobile doesn't let you give lingots >.<


Tried it as well just to give it a shot. That said, despite the fact that it is quite non-sense, it is not grammatically incorrect and I'm not sure it should be counted as wrong. Can't we imagine some fairy tale story with fruits being characters ? (In which case the sentence could work out)?


I gave both of you a lingot! Tried the same thing just to be funny, but to no success :D


Can we use "sur" to describe a person who is kinda resentful like in German "Er ist sauer"?

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