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  5. "Citronen är sur."

"Citronen är sur."

Translation:The lemon is sour.

November 7, 2015



I entered "The lemon is grumpy" on a lark, and got what I deserved.


I would give you a lingot for taking one for the team, but mobile doesn't let you give lingots >.<


Tried it as well just to give it a shot. That said, despite the fact that it is quite non-sense, it is not grammatically incorrect and I'm not sure it should be counted as wrong. Can't we imagine some fairy tale story with fruits being characters ? (In which case the sentence could work out)?


I gave both of you a lingot! Tried the same thing just to be funny, but to no success :D


Can we use "sur" to describe a person who is kinda resentful like in German "Er ist sauer"?


why is not rigth? "the lemon is acid" acid and sour are not synonyms? tack!


Acid is a noun used to describe a chemical property. Sour is an adjective used to describe taste (or sometimes someone's mood). Acids or acidic foods are known to taste sour however.


You could say acidic although I'm not sure if that counts as a valid translation of sur. Sur means "sour".


No, Duo didn't accept "acidic". Jag är sur nu. ;-)

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