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notified when available option doesn't really works

I've checked the option to get notified when the English <-> Russian language were available, I just enter the site a few days ago and saw it's currently available in beta, why I was not notified about?

November 7, 2015



It is better to wait for some time, because there are a lot of strange examples and not so many various answers. Now it looks like some kind of language game for russian native speakers =D


well, duolingo entire site is full from strange examples! LOL


I have signed up for notifications from pretty much every course here and have received one notification ever. It doesn't work so great, no... :-/


OMG, I see! you truly duolingo enthusiast!


I had the same issue. I found out by stalking the language list page, and even then, I was late to the party, because it didn't read as available until 2 days after the fact for me


Yes, I found out more quickly through the forum discussion.


Ah, I forgot all about that! I was signed-up to be notified, too.

I didn't miss anything, because I've been checking regularly since at least September anyway, so I saw it was released in beta, but forgot I was supposed to get the email.

I've also only just started getting reminder emails if I forget my daily Duolingo practice, and risk breaking my streak.

I've been on the site over a year, but lost a long streak last Christmas, even though I was home the whole time, because I didn't get any reminders.

It has suddenly for no reason started reminding me this last week or two, even though I haven't changed any settings.


Notifications have some delay. If you started the course before notifications were sent, you will not get one.

At least that's how it was until now. Maybe they broke something.

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