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"a university student"

Translation:студент университета

November 7, 2015



is the phrase "университетский студент" not commonly used?


No one says so.


Maybe not, but it is correct.


Doesn't студент specifically mean a university/college student? If the English question phrase was "a student of the university", specifically stressing the university, then I would understand "студент университета" as the only accepted answer. Am I missing something?


Yes, you are right, in most cases "a university student" is translated as just "студент". I believe you have to answer "студент университета" for the sake of word-for-word translation in the purpose of learning.


Strictly speaking, the education you can receive after you graduate from school is not limited to universities. :)


Universities, colleges, higher education, these are implied in студент, or are they not? Abby lingvo includes "undergraduate" in the definition of студент, which would make студент alone a sufficient translation for "university student"...?


Yes, it is implied that a person attents a colledge, a university or an institute. We will accept that translation, just note that it is slightly off (студент университета HAS to study at the university; студент does not)

A note: in Russia, the word «колледж» (spread in recent decades) usually refers to an institution providing a focused practical education for some profession rather than a wide range of skills and/or knowledge a university does. For example, a scientist who studies old Persian poetry usually comes from a university. It is different from the U.S. usage.

Some colleges take students who only have 9 years of school education and a curriculum might be as short as 1 or 2 years long (though, people coming from the 9th grade typically have longer programs and are taught some of the material they missed having left school 2 years earlier than they might have).


I don't understand why the word order matters? I wrote университета студентка. It was not accepted.


I think it sounds as funny as it would if you said jn English. Of university a student. Sometimes reversing word order works, sometimes not. Its diffcult, like every sentence has to be memorized separately. After a while it gets easier.


why not ученик университет?


I'm not sure if ученик is accepted here instead of студент. But either way, the genitive needs to be used for "university", so университета, because "university" is an adjective here. The phrase could also be put "student of a university".


I did some research, ученик is for school while студент is for university.


I don't get the compounds. Why is it "студент университета" but "футбольный мяч"?


"футбольный" is an adjective so you place it in front. "университета" is a noun in genitive form so you place it behind.

i.e. one would say "soccer ball" and "student of university" instead of "ball soccer" and "of university student"


from what i can guess, студент университета means 'student of a university', and in english you wouldn't say 'of a university student', so that's why.


"Университетский студент" should be accepted


the picture for this part of the lesson showed a female so I put "студенка" and was marked wrong


It is студентка.

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