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"I am full but I am eating an egg."

Translation:Tokum ama yumurta yiyorum.

November 7, 2015



Confused about "yerim" and " yiyorum" i want to understand the different plz


The simple answer:

  • yerim = I eat (in general, usually, repeatedly)
  • yiyorum = I am eating (now)

The correct answer is a bit more complicated.


i don't understand how is made this form. I thought yeriyorum is the present continuous form. Can you explain me please? Thank you


And just a little addition to Alex's answer, remember to remove the last vowel of stem verb (ye) and replace it directly with the suffix -iyor. Then so it becomes yiyor. Hope this helps

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Is this a general rule or is "yemek" irregular?


It's a general rule for verb stems that end in a vowel.

If it's one of the four vowel harmony vowels, you don't see a difference (e.g. "uyuyor" could be either "uyu- + -yor" or "uyu- minus u = uy- + -uyor") but, for example, "ödemek" becomes "ödüyor" and not "ödeyor, ödeiyor, ödiyor, ödeyiyor" or anything like that.

With "yemek", that would theoretically give "ye- minus final vowel = y- + İyor" with no vowel left to harmonise with :) But it harmonises with the stem vowel, so yemek: yiyor, demek: diyor.

However, "yemek, demek" are irregular in that they turn into yi-, di- before "y" in other cases (in particular in the future and the potential: yiyecek, yiyebilir) even though those don't normally "eat" the vowel and replace it with anothe rone.


"yeriyorum" does not make any sense in Turkish.

Basically take the infinitive "yemek" and drop -mAk

Then add the suffix -Iyor to this "yiyor"

Then personal endings


We were taught iyor is ing I am going = gid-iyor-um


I thought you said doydum when you are full


You say that after you finished eating as a reaction. If you come to a place already full, you would say "tokum" :)


therefore doydum should be an accepted answer then


I put doydum too and came to see why that was not an acceptable answer. I live in Turkey and we usually say doydum. I haven't heard anyone say tokum yet.


"I am full but I am eating an egg." Translation: Tokum ama yumurta yiyorum.

"I am full but I am eating an egg." Tokum ama bir yumurta yiyorum. - Correct.

"Bir" - after an adjective & before a noun.

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