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"В восемь утра моя дочь шла в школу."

Translation:At eight in the morning my daughter was walking to school.

November 7, 2015



I can't hear the "В'' in the ''В восемь''.


Yep me too. I actually put it in at first because I thought I must have missed it at normal speed. I listened to it slow and there was definitely no "В" so I took it out... Grrrr.


the two sounds blend together; both words begin with В so it just blends to sound like ввосемь (vvosjem'). The first в/v joined to the second one just creates a SLIGHTLY, barely noticeable longer в/v sound.


How about " At 8 in the morning my daughter walked to school?


My daughter went to school at 8 in the morning - this isnt accepted?


What is the infinitive form of шла?


It is идти. The present-tense forms are not entirely surprising (иду, идёшь, идёт, идём, идёте, идут) but stem of the past forms is quite different.


is "my daughter went to school " wrong?


This should be "went" to school. "was walking" translates to "ходила"


It does not. «Ходила» does not work with directional motion (well, maybe if whe was walking back and forth, which would not get her to school anyhow)


but doesn't "шла" imply that she actually got to school?


"пошла" would mean she actually got there.

[deactivated user]

    May be I'm wrong, but I think Пошла would mean ¨ She set off/ went out to School. And your way would be ¨ Она пришла в школу¨


    You're right, пошла is more likely to mean she set off, not necessarily that she arrived.


    It implies whe was on her way. Naturally, in a sentence focusing on the details of the aspect use that strongly, the phrasing itself is a bit too precise, as if you were giving a testimony :)

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