"Ich ging ins Schwimmbad mit meinem Vater."

Translation:I went to the pool with my father.

January 7, 2013

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The word order is a bit odd. It should be "Ich ging mit meinem Vater ins Schwimmbad." - and on second thought: "Schwimmbad" is a public swimming pool, explicitly excluding the meaning of "pool" as something private in the backyard. That would be a "Pool" or "Schwimmbecken".

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    I reported it.


    I am a little confused, it accepted "I went in the pool with my father" but.... I feel it ought to mean "I went to the public pool with my father." I didn't chance it but can anyone confirm my feeling that this would be the more likely meaning if an actual German said it? Or am I wrong.

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      Ok I try to explain:

      "Ins Schwimmbad gehen..." implies in German that you go in a building which has a swimming pool. Nowadays these kind of "Schwimmbaeder" have also outside pools or can open the roof and lot of other fancy things, but they are referred to as a building, and hence you go in a building.

      The public pool is also known in German as: "Freibad" where the pool is outside "unter freiem Himmel" and it might even be a natural water like a lake or river. And that sounds like this:

      "...ins Freibad gehen." Here it means you are going inside the borders of the public pool. (fenced in area) and that also means in German "...hineingehen."

      None of them really mean that you go in the water (in the pool). Some people go only for sun-bathing to the pool.

      ins Schwimmbad gehen" = to go to the pool,

      Schwimmen gehen (im pool etc.) = to go for a swim.


      You see that's just what I thought, but then if a person is at home while saying this, then what they really mean is that they are going to go TO the public swimming pool? Or would you only say "ich gehe ins Schwimmbad" if you were standing outside and about to go inside?

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        Ok, I got ya.

        For: Being home and expressing that you are going to the pool with the intention to swim or at least sit by the pool, you say: "Ich gehe ins Schwimmbad / Freibad"

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        But for: Being anywhere and telling your intention to go to the pool to pick up your kids, after they finished their swimming lesson you would say: "Ich gehe zum Schwimmbad / Freibad und hole meine Kinder vom Schwimmunterricht ab."

        Your intention is not to go swimming sunbathing. By the way it is not so strict that you cannot enter the building, because most of the time you go at least to the foyer to pick up your kids.

        Hope I got it now. :-)


        Okay thanks, that's what I wanted to know.


        Ich ging ins Schwimmbad mit meinem Vater ist in der deutschen Sprache unĂ¼blich. Korrekt ist: Ich ging mit meinem Vater ins Schwimmbad. Bitte korrigieren. Danke.


        "I went with my father to the pool," rejected??????? Oh, come ON!

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