"I am this boy."

Translation:Я этот мальчик.

November 7, 2015

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This is a weird English sentence....


Maybe you are showing your childhood photos to someone... who knows.


whats the difference between eto and etot


There is a sticky topic in the Discussions about that.

Этот (эта, это, эти and other forms) is an adjectival pronoun which is used before noun. It agrees with the gernder, number and case of the noun it decribes. If you can replace it with "my", "your", it is a good sign you need this word.

  • if you are talking about objects mentioned before, sometimes this demostrative adjective can be used without a noun, similar to how in English you can use "this one" without specifying what "one" is—provided that it is clear from the context.

At the beginning of "This is" or "These are" sentences you always use "это". The form does not depend on what follows.In English you would probably need to use "mine" and "yours" in this position: "my" or "your" will feel wrong.


OK, maybe I'm wrong, but I guess that the easiest trick to make the difference is asking yourself which is the subject.

I am this boy

"Boy" is the subject. So you have to use Этот (эта, это, эти if the genre it's different).

In other phrase:

This is a boy.

"This" is the subject. So it always has to be translated as Это, it doesn't matter if it's raining or storming.

I promise I get crazy to get this conclusion.


what i have learned это means ( this is ) or ( is this ) and этот means this.


Maybe a guy is showing a photo of himself as a child and pointing it saying i am this boy. Use imagination fellas^^


I’m having problems with the letter ь It just seems to pop up here and there at odd times... just memorize the words?


I cannot write the words in russian

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