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  5. "My horses are drinking."

"My horses are drinking."

Translation:Мои лошади пьют.

November 7, 2015



Why пьют and not пьёт?


пьёт is used in 3rd person singular. "Horses", however, are plural and require "they" form: пьют, читают, живут, пишут. The И-conjugation will have ят (ат) as an ending: говорят, стоят, лежат, спят, видят.


How do you conjugate "пьют"?


It is a regular Е-conjugation verb. Ending-stressed in the Present, whereas in the past only the feminine form is ending-stressed (pretty typical behaviour).

Я пью - ты пьёшь - она пьёт.

Мы пьём - вы пьёте - они пьют.

(infinitive: пить ; imperative: пей ; past: он пил, она пила́, оно пи́ло, они пи́ли)


I've copied the screen of this set and checked my work against your answer and its marked wrong when it is letter for letter the same


Would it be totally incorrect to say: мои кони пьют


Not totally, just not how it is saidthese days (конь is associated with knights and/or cavalry).


What is problem in my sentence - Мой лошади пьют.


«мой» and «мои» are different forms and do not even sound alike.


What's wrong with; мои лошади пьёшь.


Пьёшь is second person singular.


Why is it Лошади and not Лошады?

I'm trying to wrap my head around when to use each for plurals, but this violates the г, к, х, ж, ч, ш, щ rule I had learned.


Лошадь ends in a palatalised consonant, so its plural does too.

The к, г, х, ш, ж, щ, ч rule applies to those cases where you cannot use this to predict the correct ending. For instance, кошка and нож end in a non-palatalised consonant but their plural ends in И. For ж and ш, it is a spelling convention (ши and жи are pronounced шы and жы in the modern language).


I'm curious, can this mean 'drinking' as in drinking alcohol? Or does Russian have a different verb for that?


I'm confused with the difference between мой and мои.Can anybody please clarify it??


мой = my: singular masculine. You own one masculine item.

моя = my: singular feminine. You own one feminine item.

мои = my: plural. You own many items, whether masculine or feminine


Ah, I see! I understood the difference! Thank you for your kind help. благодарю вас! :-D

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