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I love having Russian, but...

I waited and waited for the Russian app. I love having it and I want to thank everyone for their hard work. I use the app on my iPad. On my iPad I have the Cyrillic keyboard. I know the alphabet and can spell the words. Unfortunately in the Russian app it will not take a lot of my answers if I use the Cyrillic alphabet. It took a while for me to feel comfortable using Cyrillic. I don't want to start remembering words as Éto instead of это or Dom instead of дом. Will the app be tweaked to accept the Russian spelling of words? If not I will have to work around it. I really love this language. Thank you Duolingo.

November 7, 2015



You might be better off using the website on your ipad, then you will be able to use whichever input you want. If other languages are anything to go by, when the app gets the language properly it'll work just fine with Cyrillic.


Probably... but as of 11/7/15, Russian from English is unsupported at this time. (Correct me if I'm wrong), but it all depends if you have it set to "Romanization of Russian letters" or "Cyrillic letters". (Basically on PC, the [Aa<->Яя] button)


Are you sure you're talking about the app? Russian is not supported in the app yet.


I found if I leave the website on Russian, when I use Duolingo on my Android phone it will actually ask an accept Russian questions / answers even though I can't select that option from the list.

A couple of days ago I even had the last two questions of my 'Strengthen Skills' German be in Russian (while the initial questions were German). So you might be able to take advantage of similar bugs to get what you want :)

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