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"It is impossible to go there."

Translation:Oraya gitmek imkansız.

November 7, 2015



Why is it not allowed to use "olmaz" instead of "imkansız?"


You can use "mümkün değil" instead of "imkansız".

[deactivated user]

    ''Olmaz'' has a different meaning.


    Does imkan without sız have any meaning?


    Şuraya and oraya are the same why there is an only one answer that right


    They aren't the same, but both can be used here. "Oraya" is used for either new information or for things that are very far away from the speaker.

    'Şuraya' is used for context salient things that are located closer to the speaker (but not extremely close).


    So if both can be used, why is "suraya" not accepted as correct?? And shouldn't "oraya" rather be translated "over there"? How else should we know what is meant, since there is no wider context?


    It is accepted.

    Also "oraya" is in general more like "there" and is most commonly used in place of "there" in English. It is only "over there" in some contexts. "Oraya" is the catch all term, not "Şuraya."

    Also, "Şuraya" is already accepted.


    Well, it is not accepted, it was marked as incorrect, otherwise I would not have made this comment.

    [deactivated user]

      They are not the same


      "Okula gitmek imkansızdır" was marked incorrect. Is it because of -dir ?

      Thanks :)

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