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Latin characters in Russian Lesson

Hi, because Russian is so new in beta, are the Russian words like дом, мама , тим, supposed to look like (dom, mama, and Tim?) I keep getting confused on whether words like "Dima" are Russian words, or are they names for people. To start my lesson I chose "alphabet" instead of "placement test" although I can read ciryllic I don't know what the words mean.

Any advice and answers to why this is happening would be very helpful! Thank you

November 7, 2015



when you start a lesson, in the upper left hand corner there should be a switch/button that will allow you to switch between Latin and Cyrillic Aa<-->Яя. The default when you start is often Latin, that's why you're seeing transliterated words instead of the original Russian


Exactly what mightypotatoe said in regards to changing to Cyrillic.

Dima - Дима is a Russian name.

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