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  5. "Она пьёт горячий шоколад."

"Она пьёт горячий шоколад."

Translation:She is drinking hot chocolate.

November 7, 2015



Why is "She is drinking a hot chocolate" incorrect?


Hot chocolate is uncountable noun just like water. So there should be no article since you can't count it. Unless you mean "a glass of hot chocolate".


I think we all agree that "She is drinking hot chocolate" and "She is drinking a hot chocolate" have a slightly different meaning, the first one implying "some", the second one implying "one serving". How would you translate "She is drinking a hot chocolate" into Russian? Would "Она пьёт горячий шоколад" be incorrect?


It will be correct, as there are no articles


Exactly. And if "She is drinking a hot chocolate" is correctly translated to "Она пьёт горячий шоколад", then "She is drinking a hot chocolate" should be accepted for this question.


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Although it is not very common, there are definitely times when this is appropriate. For example, "every day after work, she drinks a hot chocolate", to specify that it's only one hot chocolate.


Would you ever say "She is drinking a tea" or "She is drinking a coffee"?


While grammatically you may be correct, colloquially people do use it as a countable noun.

When ordering, it is very common to hear "two coffees" or "a hot chocolate"


Yes, I was just drinking coffee, but now I would tea, lots of it.


... A hot chocolate ... is certainly correct : because you drink it in a cup, not like a dog


Is it just me or do 'она' and 'Анна' sound pretty much the same in the audio? I keep getting thrown by it in the audio questions because Анна was one of the "characters" used in a few of the lessons.


Она should have a stress on the final syllable.

Анна should have a stress on the first syllable.

I haven't had a problem distinguishing it yet, but possibly I have yet to hear the examples to which you are referring.


For native English users who have a hard time distinguishing between the two:

Она sounds like uhnah Анна sounds like ahn-nuh

This is because of vowel reduction. Look this up online, it may help you distinguish words. While you're at it look up consonant devoicing (why багаж sounds like багаш) for additional help in distinguishing words.


You're right, in theory, but the guy in the audio example says it wrong, without reduction (he says "ahn-nuh" for "она").


I totally agree. I understand the difference but it simply isn't distinguishable in the audio example. It sounds robotic!


You're right!!!


Could I use жаркий for this ? Or жарка is for warm weathers only?

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жаркий = Hot only for weather, climate


And so холодно is also for weathers? What's the word for a cold chocolate then?

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weather can be cold (холодная) or cool (прохладная)

food always cold - холодный борщ

but if you mean cold hot chocolate (left unattended for an hour) - it would be остывший горячий шоколад (it once was hot, but now it is not)


Very interesting! Спасибо большое!


I have seen жаркий used as fried when describing foods.

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fried will be жареный, not жаркий


Горячий шоколад или какао?


Why is "she is drinking hot cocoa" incorrect ?


Горячий шоколад is traditional hot chocolate made from melted chocolate and milk or cream. Hot cocoa/coco (какао) is made from a powder.

We don't really differentiate this in North American English but there is a difference.


this explain a lot, i once went to another country that speaks a slavic language (Poland), and i ordered a hot chocolate (in English, I don't speak Polish). I was hoping to get какао but what I got instead was горячий шоколад.


Ah, thank you ! I understand. :)


I feel this is called Belgian hot chocolate... Maybe?


@knoxy THIS IS VERY GOOD INFORMATION. thank you, everyone should somehow read your comment about the difference.


Because "cocoa" is "какао".


Wait, but I thought the word какао was the more common word for hot chocolate? Is it?


No. In russia, these are two different things. For a cup of hot chocolate they take a chocolate bar and melt it. A kakao is milk×powder.


Pronunciation help ... is it goryachii or gorachii --- is the 'ya' stressed here? (I can't tell)


Stress falls on the "я". I recommend using wiktionary regularly, which marks stress with an "accent" (like "é").



My Russian teacher from Moscow gets hilarious about this горячий шоколад. In Russia nobody would say this, only in US movies, that's what she says. Russians drink какао.


In Russia nobody would say this

Well, that's not exactly true. We'd say that. It's just that we'd mean actual hot chocolate, i.e. chocolate that was melted.


What is the etymology of "горячий" ? In Serbian, a Slavic language as well, it means "burning" (goreći, the pronunciation is even more similar)


In Russian there are similar words "горючий" (combustible/burnable) and "горящий" (burning) with the same roots. )))


this sentence makes it sound like the subject is literally drinking hot melted chocolate


Because that's what they do. They melt chocolate and sell it as hot chocolate. A kakao is milk×kakao powder.

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    Can somebody tell the difference between жарко and горячий?


    ... A hot chocolate ... is certainly correct : because you drink it in a cup, not like a dog

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