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  5. "эта проблема"

"эта проблема"

Translation:this problem

November 7, 2015



In facing this issue between это and эта (etc), I have become very frustrated. However, my girlfriend gave me some tips.

The relevant tip here is:

If you want to say "This is X" or "X is Y", always use это.

If you are saying "This X", use the appropriate gendered form, in this case эта.

это проблема: this is a problem.

эта проблема: this problem. (Yes, they sound the same, but as someone else said, in speech there would hopefully be more context including inflection)

это офис: this is an office.

этот офис: this office.

это кошки: these are cats.

эти кошки: these cats.

The one time this gets truly conflated is for neutral gendered words:

это яблоко: this is an apple.

это яблоко: this apple.

"X is Y" by the way is the general case of "This is X". e.g. кошка – это проблема: the cat is a problem.

You can practice this by wandering around in the street and pointing at things, and saying "это #, этот/эта/это/эти # хорошо!", and then grinning at passing strangers.


Thank you Alex. That was helpful.


Came here for this спасибо


how am I supposed to hear the difference between это проблема and эта проблема????


Native speaker here. It's impossible to tell the difference between the two on Duolingo, because the voice syntesizer lacks the proper intonation.


Согласна, тоже не слышу разницы.


also native speaker. in normal speech there is also no difference, and the only way to tell which one it is is through context.


I might be wrong, but there's no difference between the two. You should be able to understand it by the context.


There is no context in this exercise. Both это and эта should be accepted because they sound the same


Сan you explain the context?


In this exercise, there's no context. Howevery, in a normal situation, there should be one.


You can't. Both should been accepted. Report it


Это проблема


how would you translate: "This is a problem."

Эта - проблема или Это - проблема?

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эта проблема - this problem

это проблема - this is a problem


russian is riddled with so many exceptions, i'm starting to think it's going to take years to learn the basics of the durn thing.

when you speak it, they sound the same though, right?


Yes, they sound the same.


Shouldn't "this issue" accepted too?


Houston, we have a problem = Баиконур, у нас проблема! (Am I doing this right?)


I'm trying to test out of these basics. Why make the pronunciation too close to call? Annoying.


Even on Forvo I can't hear a difference between это and эта with most speakers, and there's no difference in sound with DL. Either both should be accepted, or this question should be removed. It's a problem.


When do I use эта and when это?

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