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"Как вы знаете, мама умеет всё."

Translation:As you know, mom knows how to do everything.

November 7, 2015



Could this sentence be translated "as you know, mom knows everything"? Does it really have to be "mama knows HOW TO DO everything"? Is умеет always connected in doing?


Yes, умать is always about doing (and almost always used with verbs), whereas знать is about knowledge.

"Mom knows everything" to me is about knowledge, and so would have to be знать. "Mom knows how to do everything" is akin to "Mom can do anything" and so needs to be умать.

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what about "mom can everything" or "mom can do everything" ?


How do you say "How do you know" if как вы знаете means as you know


I'm pretty sure that it's "Откуда вы знаете?" Directly this is "From where do you know?"


I am confused about the use of 'kak'. I don't see its purpose. There was a good explanation on duolingo, but I did not see how it added extra information to the sentence that someone would not have understood.

For example, they talked about the dancer. I felt like if they left out 'kak', I still could understand the sentence. Am I wrong?


Как вы думаете, ... = As you know, ... Вы думаете, ... = You know ...

The former suggests that this is common knowledge or something that has already been mentioned, but it is only a subtle shift in meaning.


I think he meant знаете, not думаете.


It doesn't matter, the meaning is the same with "знаете".


"is able to do anything" - rejected

"is capable of doing anything" - rejected

"can do anything" - rejected

"knows how to do everything" - official answer that no native speaker would ever utter in English...

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It must be a glitch, because "is able to do anything" and "can do anything" are in the database.


Probably. Because after that I copy-pasted the "correct" answer and it didn't accept even that. I managed to proceed by switching from typing to picking words. I wasn't sure how to report this so I picked "my answer should be accepted" and "other issue" at the same time.


"Like you know, mom knows how to do everything" was marked wrong.


It is wrong, native speakers wouldn't put it like this.

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