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"Мой брат работает, пока я готовлю."

Translation:My brother works while I cook.

November 7, 2015



Interesting! So пока is bye, but also while? Why is that? You say good bye by saying something like "I see you after, right now I will be busy while you're gone?"

[deactivated user]

    There's a version that «пока» as a farewell phrase originated from something like «while we are away, be OK» or a phrase like that.


    @szeraja_zhaba: it's not that unlikely, if you think about it.

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    пока - is informal, like bye. Why our "bye" and "while" are similar is unknown.

    до свидания is formal (good bye) and literally translates as 'until (our next) meeting'


    Like we say, "Until next time"


    Why cant I use Whilst instead of While?


    Unfortunately this is an American site and "Whilst" isn't common enough for them to recognise it. However I use it most of the time, and this is really annoying.

    [deactivated user]

      If you encounter this again, please use the Report button and click 'My answer should be accepted'. This way, you'll be helping to make this course better.

      The translations are added manually, and some options are not accepted just because the course creators didn't think of them.

      Also, please note that reports are not applied immediately, they have to be reviewed and sometimes this takes time.


      I did as I normally do with any appropriate translation, and I've encountered this problem multiple times. I think I've even done this phrase before and it marked 'whilst' wrong, and that must've been at least 3 or so months back.


      I have seen take over two years... I am still getting "your word is now accepted" emails about my submissions from three years ago in the Spanish and German courses


      Even if it is American, it really tries to cater to the international community. I understand if at first they don't accept whilst, but even now they still don't


      I wrote: My brother is working. Bye! I'm cooking. xD


      The hints are wrong. It says "until."


      It can also mean until


      Interestingly the hints on пока now no longer include "until," but "bye" is currently the top hint.


      Never, ever rely on the hints. They are frequently wrong and even ore frequently misleading or incomplete. An utter waste of time and resources.


      For anyone who is wondering, "bye" and "while" are both «пока». There is no reason for this, and there doesn't need to be. Words can have two or three meanings. Like "ass" or "gauntlet."


      The connection seems clear enough: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%BF%D0%BE%D0%BA%D0%B0#Adverb

      It's loosely comparable to how English speakers may part with a very informal "Later," shortened from "See you later."


      Japanese also has じゃね or またね which are also shortened variations of ways to say goodbye


      To write and to pee Писать


      it'll be писать and писать


      Пока here means в то время как, and translated as "while"


      Is the comma necessary?

      [deactivated user]

        Yes. It's a complex sentence with two clauses. Each clause has a different subject-predicate pair (брат работает, я готовлю), so it's basically two sentences stacked into one. Russian almost always requires a comma between clauses (in rarer cases, a colon, semicolon, or a dash might be used). If a clause is embedded inside another clause, we would put commas before and after it.


        Большое спасибо! :)


        So cooking isn't working then? Sounds like my brother pretends to work while I actually do the work of cooking.


        Why is continuous form not accepted?


        My brother is working while I'm cooking. - It's accepted.


        My brother is working while I do the cooking - that's how you would say it in English.


        Could it be also "as long as"? instead of "while?


        No, that won't work here, it would give the whole sentence another meaning. "while" does indeed have numerous meaning, but the one that fits here is "My brother works, <<and in the mean time>> I cook".


        Is this sentence in past or present time? Thanks

        [deactivated user]

          Present (both verbs, «рабо́тает» and «гото́влю»).

          The past tense would be «Мой бра́т рабо́тал, пока я гото́вила» (if «я» is a girl), or «Мой бра́т рабо́тал, пока́ я гото́вил» (if «я» is a boy).


          Could “whereas” work here, or is «пока» strictly used for the ’concurrent time’ sense of the English “while”?


          Do we need to use "я" here..? It's not clear to me when you can drop the pronouns.


          It feels so sexist typing this as a woman...


          Wait, the clause that comes after "while" must be continuous, right?


          Since Пока is while and bye, would "в пока" technically provide as both? Because in America, "in a while" is a common phrase for saying bye.


          Should it have accepted "my brother goes to work while I am cooking"?


          'whilst' is correct English. Maybe 'while' is American

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