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  5. "Где мои мама и папа?"

"Где мои мама и папа?"

Translation:Where are my mom and dad?

November 7, 2015



Why cant i say "where IS my mom and dad?"


Nevermind i realized how terrible my english is


It's a colloquial mistake. Many people make it. It's odd because it's incorrect as a rule though when spoken it "sounds correct".

It's like splitting infinitives. The rule is one should not, though when spoken it "sounds correct".


Splitting infinitives is not incorrect- that's just what some people think should be incorrect because some previous language disallowed it (Latin?).

Languages would not be languages if they didn't change over time. That's why dictionaries are constantly being revised- they don't prescribe allowed words, they merely document the usage and changes.


Latin, Greek, and Romance languages all have one word infinitives, so they can't be "split".

[deactivated user]

    I think such wording is used in some regions, so it’s not downright incorrect, but it’s not considered standard


    I wanted to say its correct because "where" was the subject, and its supposed to fit the subject.

    Except its not the subject. Mom and dad are. I never knew that.


    It's true, we should be able to input colloquially acceptable answers in English while learning another language.

    In many dialects "where's (my/your/etc) mom and dad" is more natural sounding than using are, regardless of prescriptivist notions about what is "proper."

    I find more and more that the expressions "there are" and "there is" are collapsing into just "there is." There's nothing inherently WRONG with that, it's just the way language changes. In 50 years English teachers will be correcting people who use "where/there are" as archaic.


    I wrestled with this as well. The reason because both mom and dad are singular nouns. "Where are my parents" (plural noun) is pretty obvious. but a list of singular nouns is not so obvious. This is because it is proper to say "where is my mom" as well as "where is my dad". But apparently when make a list of singular nouns we should use "where are".


    I thought the same thing haha


    "Where is" not accepted. If i wanted an english lesson, duo, I'd be doing that instead of russian.


    If expressing possession in a sentence to multiple items, of which each item carries a different gender, which is used: 1) моя 2) мои 3) моё?

    What's the rule?


    Referring to possessive pronouns in plurals Russian does not make difference among genders, thus if talking about a plurality it would always be "мои" (in which the stressing goes on the о)


    мои мотор (my motor, genderless) мой брат (my brother, male) моя систра (my sister, female) моё кошка (my cat, could be either male or female)


    well thats... dark


    Why can't you say where are my mother and father?

    [deactivated user]

      «Мама» and «папа» are theoretically more affectionate words, while mother and father are more official and probably shoud be translated as «мать» and «отец».


      I'm on the same page... I've put the same thing. Why "mom" and "dad"??


      Should I use мой or мои in this context? I used мой and it was accepted, but it feels like I should use the plural мои (unless I'm totally wrong here).

      [deactivated user]

        Only мои works. It was probably accepted because Duolingo often doesn’t consider missing diacritics as typo.


        Why is мои correct here but мой is incorrect ?


        Because there are 2 people being sought and мои ìs the plural possessive pronoun.


        Жизненно... Батя , ты где?


        If I said "...my mom and my dad..." would i use моя мама и мой папа ?


        Why its a mistaks to say "where are my mom and MY dad" ?


        that would be где моя мама и мой папа


        Im really struggling with "мои" "моя" & "мой" how do i know when to use each one?


        Bad parenting


        Please let "mother and father" accept too, not only "mom and dad", jeez.

        [deactivated user]

          But those differ in formality:

          • Ма́ма и па́па = mom and dad,
          • Мать и оте́ц = mother and father.


          nah other translations have мама and папа as mother and father, why cant this?


          what is father and mother in russian ?


          Мать и Отец


          Why моя мама и папа is not correct?


          I believe that's because моя is the feminine possessive, and since папа in masculine and мама feminine you have to use the plural мои. But i may be wrong.


          I think the difference between "is" and "are" is whether the subjects are together or not. Using "is", the sentence gains the meaning "Where is my mom and where is my dad?" Whereas "are" implies that mom and dad are at the same place.

          I'm not sure which is the more accurate translation.


          Where are my parents? Is not accepted. How to write this in Russian, please?


          Where are my parents Where is my mother and my father sounds more perfect. But then it's translation.


          why isnt "where is momma and daddy"


          Why is it мои used here when мама is feminine ? Is it because when we combine feminine and masculine it compounds to masculine ?


          Why is it мои and not моя???


          Holy moly it doesn't work if i swich mom and dad


          What is the difference between MОЙ and МОИ?


          While technically incorrect, i feel like "is" should be accepted because your learning russian not english. Your understanding of the russian phrase isnt wrong, your english is.


          Why is putting dad first instead of mom a fail it doesnt change the meaning just the order is different it should be a warning but not a fail


          So the word "and" can be either "и" or "а"? How do I know which one to use?


          from my understanding, "и" is "and", and "а" is "but"


          why there are different spellings for 'my' like мои, мой, моя?


          I wrote where are my dad and mom and it took my heart as a mistake...


          Duo is a program. A human teacher would look at your answer and decide that of course you didn't confuse the words for mom and for dad, so they'd accept it. But a program can't do that. It sees that you've translated "mom" as "папа" and "dad" as "мама" and counts it as a mistake.


          I can't say "where are my parents?"

          [deactivated user]

            That would be closer to «где мои́ роди́тели?»


            No, that's not right. There are two of them. "Where is my mother" or "where is my father", but for both of them together it has to be "where are".


            I can find a million examples for about any bad grammar I like. You're really citing that page as an example of correct English? Did you read any of it?

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