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  5. "Это есть в учебнике."

"Это есть в учебнике."

Translation:It is in the textbook.

November 7, 2015



Is есть needed here?


If you mean to say, "The textbook has this information", you need to use 'есть'. But if you want to say, "It's in the textbook, not in the dictionary/teacher's manual/(whatever)", then you should drop 'есть'


Is it like saying "It IS in the textbook"?


If you accept "This is in the textbook," why not also "That is in the textbook?" Really, if we were conversing in English about something I would say "that" rather than "this." You will probably respond that Russian has "тот" but if it's not common use? I think the most commonly used translation should at least be accepted. It is literally a different word, but everybody knows literal translations are not the best.


Can this also be translated as 'This is in the textbook'?


Yes it can be. Added it.


In theory, it can, but I can't think of any situation where you would actually say that.


If what the instructor has just presented or is about to present is in the textbook, for example.


In that case, the instructor is more likely to say, “You’ll find this in the textbook”.


I think course book should also work here.


this is in a textbook - is wrong. ?


The best equivalent of the given Russian sentence is "You can find it in the textbook". I cannot think of a better way of rendering the meaning of the word "есть" in this case.


If that is the case, then "That's in the textbook." should be accepted imo. (I did report it.)


What's wrong with "This comes in the textbook"? I am not a native english speaker.


when we say 'sth. comes in sth.' we mean it is delivered, sold or provided in or inside something.

"the textbook came in a cardboard box"

"the medicine comes in 50mg doses"


Yes, Petrenko has it right. Also, if for example a CD is included with the book, you could say "it comes with the textbook"; but probably not "in." This is a likely answer to the question, where did you get the CD. Otherwise, you would probably say "The textbook comes with a CD."


And the Russian for it will be "К учебнику прилагается компакт-диск".

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