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"Мой депутат хороший депутат."

Translation:My deputy is a good deputy.

November 7, 2015



I have the best deputies... My deputy is a good deputy. The BEST deptuy, in like the history od deputies, never seen a better deputy. --Orange man


Хороший депутат - мертвый депутат )


I killed the sheriff, but how could I be so stupid to let this deputy bast*rd go free?!


"My representative is good" Deputy is заместитель


Isn't deputy an assistant of the chief, like the second in charge?

Because in politics, for the representative legislator, one would say Member of the Parliament / house of commons in the UK, representative in the host of representatives, or deputy as in contrast to a senator in a bicameral congress.

So... in this case, is a deputy a member of the Duma or is it the sheriff's assistant as in Bob Marley's 'I shot the sheriff' song....?

[deactivated user]

    Maybe it is better to say "мой депутат хорош(ий)", unless this phrase is intended to be humorous.


    A bit humorous, the kind of "A good lion is a sleeping lion". Not actually funny, just the wording is as if you pretended being smart.

    By the way, I am pretty sure it should be "member of parliament". "Deputy" is not used that much in AmE in that sense.... Better fix that while people are still at the beginning of the tree ;)


    Perhaps it might help to understand the origin as "deputy of the people to the parliament." The sense is that the power to formulate laws comes from the people, but it is impractical to get all the people together to discuss and decide. Therefore, the people deputize representatives to discuss and decide on their behalf.

    The corresponding British term is "member of parliament" and the American term is "representative, congressman, or congresswoman."

    Nevertheless, the Russian system is not the same as the British or American system, and I think using the literal translation "deputy" for the Russian is appropriate because it helps to keep in mind that the system is a little different. After all, few people would call an American congressman a "member of parliament."


    Спасибо for the explanation about this term. I wasn't sure what this term meant... I was thinking that a "parliamentary deputy" might be an assistant in parliament, and that deputy as used here might be referring to a sheriff's deputy or something like that.

    You can learn a lot about culture from Duolingo :-).


    Too late now, we've got to the end of the tree, you guys are exposed :P


    It is not clear if in the context the sentence refers to the American, British, or the Russian system of government, so all alternatives should be accepted, including the US representative, the UK member of parliament, and the "deputy".


    It accepted "MP" (Member of Parliament) from me, January 2021


    Молодец! Сейчас, как сказать по-русски 'beehive'?

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    If you were not disappointed after the elections, it means that you didn't vote there.


    This banana is a good banana.


    This potato is an excellent potato ;)


    There has got to be a better way to say this and not be so redundant.


    Said every single political propaganda.

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