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  5. "Чья это сестра?"

"Чья это сестра?"

Translation:Whose sister is she?

November 7, 2015



Whose sister is she rather than it seems more correct, even though это implies a neutral/generic entity. You would use it for a dog, etc. but for a person, it is a pronoun like she that should be used. Or am I completely wrong? I am not a native speaker, I just think I know the rule. :p


Now that I think of it, "Whose sister is she" sounds more correct. Thanks for your suggestion and happy learning! :)


My natural inclination was to say "whose sister is it" although "whose sister is she" sounds just as fine.


The advantage of "it" is that it makes the Russian construction clearer. I think what is confusing here is that coming from English you wouldn't expect "whose sister" to wrap around "this/she". By its position you would expect "это" to modify "сестра".


Why would it be это and not эта in the first place? сестра is clearly a fem. noun, so it should get эта, shouldn't it?


"Whose sister is that?" is a closer match for the Russian sentence. We can also ask "Чья она сестра?" when talking about a particular person already.


With эта (feminine demonstrative) => Whose (man, for example, but here it is not precized) is this sister?

With это (undefined pronoun)=> Whose sister is it/she/that?


Well you said it yourself in your main comment, that the proper translation here is the second one you gave - Whose sister is she - so if anything you actually proved me right... unless I missed something...

EDIT: never mind, you edited it and made me look like a durak :(


Sorry, I wrote it too fast. It is not always easy to translate those sentences so it is logical in English. But there is a big difference again: Demonstrative vs Undefined pronoun.


You didnt look like a дурак. This construction is hard to get the sense or feel of. I know what it means but at first I still see whose it sister. These questions and precise answers help me a lot!


Am I correct that чей is used with masculine words and чья is used with feminine words? If so, what's the neuter form?


It is чьё. The adjectival pro-words like мой, твой, наш, ваш, свой, какой, такой, чей all follow pretty much the same pattern with only a little variation.

Take a look at the full paradigm here if you are interested. You can decide for youself which of these you memorize right away and which can wait for later.


Спасибо! Thank you for the helpful link!


What is the difference between чей and чья?


I think чей is masculine and чья is feminine. But I'm not a native speaker.


I thought that I was supposed to keep declined pronouns next to the noun it's connected to ("sister" is modified by "whose," so чья сестра это or это чья сестра?)

Or is that highly flexible as long, as the cases are right? (So, could I say "that horse is eating" as ета ест лошадь?)


The thing is, in Russian it is more idiomatic to either ask "Whose sister is she?" or "Whose sister is that?", not "Whose is that sister?"

To illustrate the difference, let's consider a couple declarative statements instead:

  • This horse is mine.
  • This book was amazing.

Here you have "mine" and "amazing" standing independently. You can say pretty much the same thing slightly different:

  • This is my horse.
  • This was an amazing book.

(here, you can replace "this" with "it", while "my" and "amazing" are connected to nouns)

Russian uses both structures, same as in English. I would argue that the second one is more common, and works better for a large number of adjectives.

It is only slightly more complicated with words like "this" (это) because both languages use "this" as a name for the object in question ("Take this") AND as an "adjective" ("Take this ball"). In Russian, only the "adjectival" это will follow the nouns's gender and case.


Would "Whose sister is this?" Be an appproprate translation? It accepted it, but I'm curious about the accuracy of the translation.


Почему не Whose sister is this?

[deactivated user]

    I am not a native speaker and it sounds weird to me


    Whose sister is she - more correct translation into Russian - чья она сестра


    I followed the same pronunciation as in the exercise of this sentence, but I was marked wrong without an explanation. How do I know what did I do wrong in my pronunciation?


    Тогда почему неверно Whose is she sister, поправилам же- вопрос потом is


    Who's sister is this seems like the literal translation


    Can I say "Whose sister is this?"


    А должно быть: Whose sister is this?

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