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  5. "Это наш телефон."

"Это наш телефон."

Translation:This is our phone.

November 7, 2015



Whats the difference between наш and наше?

March 22, 2017

[deactivated user]

    Наш is used with masculine nouns, наше is used with neuter nouns.

    There’s also наша, used with feminine nouns, and наши, used with plural nouns regardless of their gender.

    The gender of the noun is not always immediately obvious and need to be learnt for each noun separately. But once you learn enough Russian, you’ll be able to make educated guesses about the noun’s gender (e.g. most nouns in -а and -я are feminine, most nouns in hard consonants are masculine, most nouns in -о, -е are neuter).

    March 22, 2017


    Would there be a different word for a cell phone or different types or phones or is this just the common way to refer to all types of phones?

    November 7, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      «Телефо́н» can refer to all types of phones plus to a phone numbers.

      If you need to disambiguate them, you could add an adjective:

      • «моби́льный телефо́н» (mobile phone) or «со́товый телефо́н» (cell phone; the latter is becoming less popular),
      • «стациона́рный телефо́н» (landline phone; literally 'stationary phone'),
      • «но́мер телефо́на» (phone number; literally 'number of phone') or «телефо́нный но́мер» (literally 'phone number', less common).

      For mobile phones, there're a colloquial word «моби́льник»; alternatively, you can just drop 'телефо́н' and say «моби́льный» ('mobile'), this will also be understood to mean 'mobile phone'. (You can't drop «телефо́н» in «стациона́рный телефон», though!)

      Not sure which other types of phone exist? 'Smartphone' is called by a loanword «смартфо́н», for 'feature phone' we don't really have a conventional name, I usually just say «обы́чный телефо́н» (ordinary phone) or «не-смартфо́н» (non-smartphone).

      November 7, 2015


      Landline phone is also often called "домашний телефон" ("home phone", in case it is used at home and not at work), and you can drop "телефон" here. Позвони мне на домашний = Call me over the landline phone.

      November 7, 2015


      Oh wow, this is exactly the info i was looking for!


      November 7, 2015



      August 31, 2016


      Mobile phone = "мобильный телефон" or simply "мобильник." In the appropriate context if you just said "телефон" it it would be understood that you were talking about your mobile phone, though.

      November 7, 2015


      Why is "This is our telephone" incorrect?

      December 21, 2015


      Is it not? Report it.

      December 21, 2015


      You had to write what you heard in Russian so translating it will result in a wrong answer

      June 13, 2016


      The type of questions change, but the answer doesn't, so appearantely this person didn't the listening question.

      August 6, 2018


      I am deeply amused by some of the sentences that can be constructed by the extraneous words. For example: "This egg here is eating our phone."

      The humor keeps things fresh. I love it!

      April 20, 2018


      Is it just me or sometimes is it accepting "это" as either "Here is" or "This is" then other times it only takes the latter as correct? Am I misreading or is something up here?

      December 4, 2015


      Why is это and not этот?

      June 18, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        Please see the guide by olimo: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858

        June 19, 2016


        Этот means "this", whereas это means "this is/these are". So этот телефон would mean "this telephone" and этот наше телефон (this our phone) wouldn't make grammatical sense, to the best of my knowledge.

        April 17, 2018


        Why is it "наш" and not "наше"?

        October 26, 2017


        So, is it ever shortened to just фон?

        June 17, 2018


        No, never. "Фон" is, in fact, another word in Russian; it means "background" (as in "background picture", or "background noise").

        June 17, 2018


        From French “fond”.

        January 31, 2019


        When turtle speed, why does eto sound like epi?

        January 2, 2016


        Kogobhueeso povijjd

        September 30, 2017
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