"Де мій корабель?"

Translation:Where is my ship?

November 7, 2015

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корабель - beautiful Ukrainian word. Sounds like it should be in a poem.


Boat is usually translated as "човен", but there could be some overlap I would assume


Arrr, ye land-lubbers not be understandin' tha difference b'tween a boat and a ship! OK, seriously. I would assume that the difference between a корабель and a човен would be the same as the difference between a ship and a boat in English. Right? A ship is a boat, but a boat is not a ship. A ship is like a big boat.


maybe it has some common background with the word carabela/corvette/Korvette?


Oh!! I'm sure you're right! Like “caravelle” in French!

[deactivated user]

    Or even with caravel. Well, it makes it easier to remember. :)


    A boat is not necessarily a ship, but can be.

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