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"I do not want to go there even with you."

Translation:Я не хочу туда идти даже с тобой.

November 7, 2015



Why can't you use "там" instead of "туда" in this sentence?


I might be wrong but I believe you can't say "you're going там". You have to use "туда" if you're going there.

"I am там", "I am going туда", "I am coming from оттуда"


'Там' is stationary while 'туда' implies motion. Since this sentence is about motion 'туда' is correct. Neither english or spanish makes this distinction in the same way that russian does. Also, while russian and spanish may sometimes be similar (for example 'me gusta' & 'мне нравится'), i wouldn't want to rely on that. After all, they are in two different language families.


Thank you for making that distinction, I was unaware.


Why are "Я не хочу пойти туда даже с тобой" and "Я не хочу идти туда даже с тобой" not accepted?


"Не хочу пойти" sounds a bit unnatural, "не хочу идти" is fine.


I think they should be. Have you reported any of those?


I've reported "я не хочу идти туда даже с тобой"


how about "я не хочу идти туда ни с тобой" does "ни" make any sense in this context?


This is ridiculous now... I have worked very hard at this language for eight months now and I believe this answer is correct: я там не хочу идти даже с тобой. Can someone please tell me why I should use туда in this sentence over там? I am a fluent speaker of both English and Spanish and as far as I see, the word order of Russian and Spanish sentences are almost identical.


As pointed out by others here, the problem is там. Там is not used with directionality.


It's amazing, the word order in this sentence seems to imply the same meaning as: даже с тобой, я не хочу идти туда. Yet, somehow it is marked incorrect.

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