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"Секретарь и строитель идут в кафе."

Translation:The secretary and the builder are going to the cafe.

November 7, 2015



I feel like this is a romantic russian movie... Or could be... :D



FYI: a female secretary is секретарша, although this sounds colloquial and less respectful. It would hint at a possible romance perfectly, though ;-)


It would be even more interesting to have a movie where two men fall in love in a café, one being an office worker and the other making buildings! :D


Sadly, such a movie would call for a scandal in Russia. Our society is mostly strongly homophobic.


That's why it would be interesting! ;)

And your society is not that homophobic (every country has homophobic people), you just have stupid leaders that accept stupid laws ("Thouuuu shalll nooooot promote homosexuality to the kids in TV, ads, etc. It is BADDDD")!


Unfortunately, it is. These leaders are not that stupid, they kind of pull the strings of people's feelings and call for massive debates and arguments. A clever trick to make people busy with something so they wouldn't pay much attention to real problems. The majority supports those laws. Sad, but true.


(can't comment at the end)

At first i thought it was a silly statement, but then it yielded an interesting conversation, thank you both ^^, and have a lingot Lucas. Here in Brazil the congress tend to do the same. They have grasped the power of making the population go crazy about radical religious values so the left don't care so much about the money they are stealing... They have just forbidden abortion for women who were raped, instead of going the other way round... it so much of a shame that I decided to alienate myself for a while and focus on my studies because so many other examples like this have been draining my blood during this whole year....


Could строитель be a woman builder?


Sounds like a joke's beginning.


why does кафе stay completely undeclined? Also, why "B" instead of "K?"


I can't answer your second question, but I can probably answer the first. In Russian, many loan words do not decline, I think. Since кафе is a loan word, it does not decline.


So how would you say the secretary and the builder are in the cafe please? Спасибо!,


I am not a native English speaker. I wrote "are going in the café" because I understood them entering instead of just taking the direction (which, I think, would be the same in Russian) - so why is it wrong?


Could this also be translated as, they are going INTO the cafe?


pronunciation is quite strange, I thought it is in plural


Every other time I can remember, in turtle speed the \B sounds like a slightly vocalized puff of air, whereas here it is more like \veh yal\


Why can't строитель be constructor?


For the sake of Communism!!


funny how 30 years later a duolingo lesson still has this class thing going on


Why not construction worker?


"The secretary and the constructor are going to the cafe" isn't correct?


Builder is going to... Rather than builder are?


They drink coffee also. Not accepted but that's expected.

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