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Как львенок и черепаха пели песню - how the lion cub and the turtle sang a song


Because I was reminded of this in a sentence discussion recently and then I found a link. It's very cute and you might even pick up/remember some words because of it, you never know. It's aimed at kids but I'm still pretty stoked that I understand most of it LOL haha ;) and I know from experience (because one of my teachers at uni played it to us in both our first year and our last year) that even with a silly children's cartoon, it's really encouraging to go back and realise you understand more of it when you go back to it, which I highly recommend doing now and then, it's fun to suddenly go "oh, I didn't understand that bit before!"

But really, I'm mostly posting it because I think it's extremely cute ;D

November 7, 2015



hahaha, everyone in Russia knows this song, it is really very cute) some parts of the song can be used in our speech, so it is good to know where we refer to )))


It is cute! I kind of want a soft toy of that lion cub. Yes, I'm a seven year old inside an adult's body, I swear! But they're both so cute :D Rrrrmeow!


it is curios to know, but their voices in the cartoon belong to one person))


Hah! I had no idea. (I might if I'd watched the credits, admittedly - I haven't checked!)

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