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Placement of Adjective

Is this the only correct way, "C'est une jolie fille"? Isn't the adjective after the noun equally correct?: C'est une fille jolie.

May 30, 2012



BAGS (or BANGS -- N for "newness") is an okay guideline for adjectives, but there are some notable exceptions (e.g. âgé = old, but it pretty much always follows the noun). There are certain adjectives that come before the noun, and "joli" is one of them. This site has a pretty good list. https://languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/lc/FrenchSite1022/ADJPLAbefore.html There are also some possible nuances where you could place the adjective either before or after, but in general adjectives follow the noun, with a few exceptions.

June 7, 2012


Adjectives that deal with Beauty, Age, Goodness/Badness, and Size (BAGS) come before the noun.

May 30, 2012


not an easy one, because if you can say 'une jolie fille' and 'une fille jolie', the contrary is not true : you won't say 'une moche fille' but definitely 'une fille moche'. it's by listening how native people talk that little by little you'll remember how to do it.

June 30, 2012
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