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Different UI's?

Had a friend sign up, but his UI was slightly different to mine?

For example, instead of 'Mobile' there was 'iPhone' and the 'duolingo' logo in the top left had the flag of the language he was learning?

I assume this is because he's new and that this UI will eventually become the same for everyone?

Not a massive deal, just curious.

January 7, 2013



We test new UIs all the time :)


I'm assuming it's just some A/B ui testing going down. I'm amazed at how well the duolingo team is doing with keeping this site alive and fresh. They also pushed an iPhone update earlier with some nice features.


My collegaues registered some days later than me. (I registered at 13th of February). If I login, the already solved boxes are in "mastered" status. When they login I can detect that some of my statuses have changed back to a lower level. What is the plan with the "old" users? Will our UI and system change or not? If yes, then I already have to check my "new" statuses by a new user, and maintain the broken boxes.


All users will have the same UI within a week or two.

Right now, everything should be working for everybody, except in different ways, so stop comparing :)


Thanks for the fast answer.

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