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"Bu kitabın açıklaması çok zor."

Translation:The explanation of this book is very difficult.

November 7, 2015



This English sentence seems incomplete to me. I don't think I would say "The explanation of this book is very difficult" without also feeling obligated to tack "to understand" onto the end. I could say "The explanation of this book is very confusing" and I would be satisfied, but replacing "confusing" with "difficult" seems to leave the sentence lacking.

So I suppose I have two questions.

  1. Do other English speakers feel the same way about this sentence, or I am alone in feeling that it is unnatural?

  2. Does "zor" also carry the direct meaning of "confusing" (at least in certain contexts), or does that need to be a different word?


to be honest, this sentence doesn't make much sense in Turkish too. It will be replaced.

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