"Are you cooking duck or chicken?"

Translation:Ты готовишь утку или курицу?

November 7, 2015

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"вы готовите утку или папу?" was one of the choices proposed... Haha, looks like the mom found a new boyfriend again.


It considers "вы готовите" wrong. How exactly are we supposed to know when Duolingo wants us to write ты готовишь and when вы готовите


Вы готовите утку или курицу was marked as wrong. Why? I used вы, ..ите.


Why are the words duck "утку" and chicken "курицу"spelt with a "у" at the end ? Is it because the words take on the accusative case ? If so ... maybe i need to refresh ... ;)


Yes, in the accusative case female nouns get an "у" in the place of their final "а" (or "ю" in the case of soft endings as "ь" or "я")


What is the difference between готовите and готовишь


I'm not a native speaker, and also new, but I think this is what's up:

вы (plural you & plural objects) = готов(ите) вы (plural you & single object) = готов(ете) ты (single you & plural objects) = готов(ишь) ты (single you & single object) = готов(ешь)

I'm not 100% sure about the changing of е and и though, this could be more related to what letter the word ends with...


Готовите is for вы (plural you and polite) and готовишь is for ты (singular you and informal)


I don't understand. I put in Вы instead of Ты and it marked it as wrong, but the translation above says that Вы is correct...


You should use the right verb form. Ты готовишь OR Вы готовите.


Ты...шь. Вы....те.


Shouldn't one use приготовить instead of готовить in this sentence?


From my understanding, the perfective приготовить can only be used in the past or future tense, so you can not use it here since it would change the meaning to "will you be cooking duck...".


Who else likes how this sentence sounds


Why is "Ты утку или курицу готовишь? not accepted?" I thought that Russians put the verb at the end of the sentence generally.


Both are fine, you just have to stress "утку или курицу".


Yeah but it's not accepted. I'm reporting it if it's correct then?


It seems I can't input both variants, i. e. informal ты and formal вы. I copied the answer that was given as right ("Вы готовите утку или курицу?, Ты готовишь утку или курицу?" but when I input both variants exactly like this (copy&paste) it marks it wrong. That's a little sad, but at least I can choose which variant to use.

Great course btw! Спасибо and keep ghe good work up! :)


Tы готовите утку или курицу? was marked as wrong despite Вы not showing up at all in the word cards


Maybe you would have to have chosen "готовишь" insteasd of "готовите". Another possibility is to drop the "ты" completely, which would make the sentence colloquial but still not wrong.


This might be an old bit of information, but is the Russian asking if you are preparing either of the two, or is it asking which of the two you're preparing, assuming you're preparing one of them? The English translation could mean either; is that how the Russian works, or would it always use the ни ... ни ... phrasing to indicate specifically that the outcome is definitely one of the two options? Sorry if unclear.


I read children instead od chicken on the first look.

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