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One of the things I learned about when I started dating my wife was the character of чибурашка.

Vinnie Poo speaks very quickly and is hard to understand, but this may be a good practice to listen to and hopefully start to catch parts you understand since they speak somewhat more slowly.

It includes English subtitles as well to help.


November 7, 2015



Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена is such a good show!! As a native Russian speaker, I strongly recommend watching it! :)


On my birthday, my father in law sang me the birthday song from it. When I looked up the translation, I found one of my favorite musical lyrics ever...

Прилетит вдруг волшебник В голубом вертолете И бесплатно покажет кино. С днем рожденья поздравит И, наверно, оставит Мне в подарок пятьсот «эскимо».

Something to the effect of: "A wizard in a light blue helicopter will take me to see free movies, then he will tell me happy birthday and probably give me hundreds of eskimo pies."

Whenever someone asks me what I want for my birthday, it's been my answer for the last 10 years. Most of the time it leaves them amused if not slightly confused.


Чебурашка is WONDERFUL. Карлсон и малыш (Karlson and the Boy) is another great classic Soviet мультфильм (cartoon): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HizwOPY79-s


I haven't got time to watch it right now, but I certainly will later. Thank you!


I've watched the first episode now, I like it a lot.


ManagerUA has Cheburashka, Vinni Pukh and Karlson in English with Russian subtitles.


Has anyone found the third episode of Cheburashka in Russian with English subtitles anywhere?


Success! All of Cheburashka with English subtitles.


Edit: On the last one the subtitles aren't in sync with the video very well.

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