"Why do you always say strange things?"

Translation:Neden her zaman tuhaf şeyler söylüyorsun?

November 7, 2015

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Why is it "tuhaf şeyler" instead of "tuhaf şeyleri"? I thought a qualified object was always treated in the accusative...


Because " tuhaf şeyleri " means THE strange things but the English question just says " strange things " indefinite


Are "her zaman" and "hep" interchangeable?


Yes, they are usually interchangeable. In this sentence you can use "hep" (or "daima", "sürekli") instead of "her zaman".


As the word "şey" is indefinite .... why "şeyler" is used??


I think I read a while ago, since it has an adjective, you use the plural. So here is an example

onlar elma yer = they eat apples

onlar ucuz elmalar yer = they eat cheap apples

because there is an adjective, you need the plural. I could be wrong though, I'm just 70% sure I read that somewhere. If someone else could verify that would be amazing.


Would it be possible to use some form of demek in this sentence?


i used "diyorsun" and was marked right.


"Neden hep tuhaf şeyler dersin" is accepted too.


demek and söylemek are synonyms.

In Google Translate there is a very useful feature:

1) Choose translate from Turkish to English

2) Write ONLY söylemek in the Turkish box

3) In addition to the main translation Say, you get a list of possible translations and Turkish synonyms to söylemek

The list looks like this:

SAY - söylemek, demek, etmek, tekrarlamak, okumak, varsaymak

TELL - söylemek, anlatmak, bildirmek, demek, haber vermek, ayırt etmek

SING - söylemek, şarkı söylemek, ötmek, okumak, şakımak, vınlamak

SPEAK - konuşmak, söylemek, konuşma yapmak, söz söylemek, ses çıkarmak, haberleşmek

etc. etc.


Why is "tuhaf şeyler her zaman neden söylüyorsun" wrong?


Why no musun? I don't get it, in the question lesson always everything was wrong without


We don't need MUSUN here because we have NEDEN as a question particle.


Can I place "neden" after "her zaman" or "tuhaf şeyler" instead at the beginning?

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