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How did you find Duolingo?

Hmm.... To be honest I was searching for a site which would offer free online language courses and I believe this popped out. At first sight I was in an incredulity thinking why on earth would they teach us languages for free but then I got serendipity to comprehend more about the founder of this site. Without a doubt this site has been one of my top notch helping me assimilate other languages and perhaps one day I will be able to acquire more about their cultures.

How about you guys? :)

November 7, 2015


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I was on tumblr looking for folks to practice Japanese with. One of my followers said that if I practiced Italian with them on Duolingo, they'd practice Japanese with me. They left two weeks in and I switched to Spanish while I waited for Japanese to arrive. Still waiting but it's been a good journey.

November 7, 2015


Oh pretty intriguing; So you joined duolingo at the time it came out? :)


Not quite. I joined 2013-09-18 :)


I wanted to learn English but I had no money to do it, then I bought an Android phone and I started searching for lessons on YouTube, but to no avail, I kept on searching but now for applications and then I found Duolingo.


That's pretty cool; So you learned English thoroughly through duolingo?


I can say yes, but I used dictionaries, reading on the Internet, watching videos on YouTube, podcasts and now I am still learning. I did not know almost anything in English. I think the Duolingo is helping me a lot.


Wow you are an inspiration to me. Your English is superb and thanks for sharing your side of the story. :)


You're welcome! I like to comment in discussions, it helps me to know if I'm doing well in English. Now I'm trying to learn German. Are you an English native speaker?


English is my second language but my school used it as a first language so eventually it has become my first. Good luck with your german :)


That's a decent amount of motivation right there to me. Unfortunately German grammar is hard for me to sink in. Your English is good :)


How cool! I tried to learn multiple languages at the same time but I couldn't , it takes many time. I study all day so I don't have much free time, so I am learning my favorite languages that are German and English. Anyway, I want to learn other languages like Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, I know some Spanish because is similar to Portuguese and I've studied it, I think I want to be a polyglot, but It will take a long time, but if we want to be something, we'll get it, no matter how long it takes. :)


Thanks Jonathan. I'm glad to hear that you think my English is good but I want and I should to improve it. German grammar is very hard but I think pronunciation is harder for me. Well, are you learning all these languages?


Actively everyday - German The others.. (Excluding Russian) I was only interested in how the structure is done. IE: If I see it in a book, or hear it out in public I can identify the language. In future terms. Spanish could be reconsidered as a language to learn as I would like to bring back ancestral languages as German is also one of those.

Russian. I feel like I should know a Cyrillic based language.. It just feels right to me.

No matter what languages are added in the future I will continue to give them a time of day especially those that have bad reputations that I have dealt with in my experiences, such as Hungarian or Swahili.

If the mind is able to, by all means learn and try to understand as many as possible. With that being said, in some form or another; Yes I am learning them.


That's cool! Thank you so much. Good luck to you too. I'm following you!


Owl told me about it.


I searched : Learn German in my Android Play Store


I was looking for free language courses. I believe that the first time I found Duolingo, I ignored it, because they had no Dutch course. When later I found it again, the course was available, so I checked it out and I stayed.


Yea and dutch is pretty awesome!


My friend told me about it.... well, it was like this:

1: My friend is doing Duolingo (this is past tense).

2: Dad didn't know what Duolingo was, so my friend introduced him to it. My Dad wanted me to learn German, and Mum French and Spanish. They said it was convenient that Duolingo was free.

3: I think you know...........


I was trying to teach myself French and when I looked for apps in the app store, Duolingo came up. I didn't even start learning French, I chose German instead and have never studied French since (although I plan to start the French tree soon).


It's funny, because the way you found Duolingo, is the same way I found Duolingo. I actually remember finding it, December 1st, 2014, in the car, on the way to the opthalmologist. (Don't worry, I wasn't driving. :) )


It had been sitting there at the top of my Google play featured apps list on my android device. I'd been encountering French phrases while reading stories involving either French characters or characters visiting France and that made me want to learn it, so one day, almost a year ago now, I decided to give it a go on a whim. 2 months later I was somewhat surprised to realise I'd been using it that long and was still at it.


wow that's pretty interesting :)


I was searching for free sites to learn Spanish and one of my mates from an online game recommended me to start Duolingo. I started it, and I found it awesome. :)


It is awesome ain't it ! :)


I wanted to learn Spanish. Did some Google-ing and the rest is history.


Oh I see and did this learning help you with your school quizzes that's if you had any ?


I started Duo a few months before I started taking a Spanish class at my school. Learning from Duolingo and a class with real people works very well. I can use Duolingo to learn a lot more words than I learn in class but I have the people in class and the Spanish club to practice speaking Spanish. And in class I learn more about the grammar side of things and some things that Duolingo doesn't teach. (For example, all the numbers from one to one hundred, how to tell time, and school supplies.)

Doing just a class wouldn't get me every far, but Duolingo alone isn't enough either. They work well together.


Oh, and I have an advantage when ever we get to write a letter or paragraph with what we've learned in class because I'm learned the formula we're using in class, but I know extra words from Duo. It hasn't helped my grade since (well, my grade is pretty good already) everything we need to do awesome we learn in class, but I imagine it will when I get to Spanish 2 and 3. Doing both helping get a lot more out of Duo and my class at school.


That's pretty interesting :) Thanks for sharing your side of the story. It gives me about the approximation to what I can do to further increase my knowledge in other languages


De nada. :) Buena suerte!


saw some friends doing it and thought (why not at least TRY it?) so i tried it and now i am going on it every day XD


Someone mentioned it on How to learn any language.com


A friend recommended it. Una amica mi ha detto del programma.


My mom knew I liked languages so she was like "you should check out this language app I found on the App Store". This was back when Duo only offered Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. If not for Duo, I would've never tried French, Italian or Portuguese. Actually, without Duo, I would still hate French, but since Duo's so fun, I tried it, and now French is one of my favorite languages.


My sister told me about it and I loved it.


When I first started learning Spanish I wanted an app that would get me ahead of the crowd, so I downloaded every free Spanish app on the apple store. I swear I downloaded 100-200 apps. Of all those my remaining apps are Memrise, DuoLingo, and another app but I hardly ever use it.


I don't remember. But I'll like it forever.


It was mentioned at the Polyglot Gathering where I went to in May and I thought I'd give it a try.


i think my brother told me about it


I watched a Vsauce3 video called DONG. Things to ,Do Online Now Guys


Similar story to yours. I wanted to learn languages and I wanted to do it for free. And every single "free" app or site I came across only offered the basics or told me I have to pay for it after I used it for a bit. Then one day I found the Duolingo app and I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised by the free and quality lessons. So I learned some Spanish for a while and then ditched it (I don't remember why). Then I needed to learn some Portuguese and I came across the Duolingo site...

Duo's been my favourite and best language teacher ever since!! :)


Well, I was using Babbel but for the money you had to pay for it I felt I wasn't really getting a decent enough service. Then I was looking for alternatives and Duolingo popped up. I ended my subscription to Babbel and never looked back :p


LOL yea and babbel is complicated


Indeed, the problem is mostly that they don't really explain stuff. Duolingo is for free and even they have notes with every skill explaining it. ^^


Well, i wanted to learn Spanish in the internet, and i started to look for free service. I find Duolingo on the other site, and now i am very happy that i'am here, and i can learn other languages. P.S - sorry for my bad English :-)


Earlier this year in my first semester German class we had to spend at least an hour every week watching or listening to something that was German related. I saw that several of my classmates used Duolingo for their language hour, so I decided to check it out. I've been here ever since.


I was learning Irish, and Duolingo was mentioned so often in a Facebook group for Irish learners, I decided to check it out.


Duolingo is helping a lot of people ain't it :)


my mom showed it to me

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