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Is this an original Russian handwrite?

[deactivated user]

    Hi, I've found something like that. Is this the same handwrite the native-speakers use? https://ilrussian.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/script-practice-sheets.pdf https://lingualift.com/ru/files/docs/russian-writing-cursive.pdf

    /If not, Do you know where should we find something helpful?

    November 7, 2015



    Yes, it is similar. The actual fonts used by handwriting workbooks look like this (note that this is an idealisation—people do not end up writing like this; besides, "е" breaks the smooth line when written this way):


    However, yours are fine, too, for all practical purposes. Weeell... if you are going to make a film that is set in Russia, and kids there use Russian "propisi" to learn how to write—then, yes, it does not look authentic :). Google «прописи» if you need the 100% authentic look (for some reason).


    Yes, it is! However, keep in mind that people's styles of writing differ from one individual to another (most follow the forms you've listed in those links). Also, in print books and sometimes in some people's handwriting, in the letter ё, the umlauts are excluded.

    [deactivated user]

      Postscriptum: Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю (link number two) :DDD


      This is the Russian equivalent for "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" ;-)


      Looks like the handwriting pages my Russian tutor gave me in school. :D Those were good times. It is a good idea to at least be familiar with reading Russian cursive if not writing it yourself. From what I have seen cursive is used a lot more frequently in Russian than in English (or so it seems).


      I learned this lesson the hard way about a month ago! ;-) A Russian musician I love is coming to America next year and a date in Boston was announced on his Facebook page - using a poster with a lot of the necessary information written mostly in cursive! I had learned the Cyrillic alphabet, but only in print. Oops!


      keep in mind that it never looks so beautiful... You will see such handwritings (as mine below) much more often)))


      That's still pretty good, all things considered! Sometimes it seems more like this...

      Thankfully that doesn't happen too often :)


      Is that just to be funny or does the really scribbly part actually say something? Sorry, not trying to be rude, I really can't tell!


      I think the first few lines read «жалобы на ... кашель сухой».


      I see "кашель сухой" in the second line and the beginning looks like "жалоб". Really awful handwriting.


      сразу понятно кто писал- доктор.


      Ну, подчерк медработников практически никто никогда не понимает:-))))


      Is this legible? I'd have a hard time believing that even whoever wrote this could read it.


      no, it is not legible at all ))

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