"Дайте яйцо, пожалуйста."

Translation:Give me the egg, please.

November 7, 2015



Why THE egg

June 29, 2016


As I understand, both "an" egg and "the" egg are said the same way in Russian, so either would be valid

August 29, 2017


Why isn't it necessary to include меня to convey the meaning of give ME an egg, as opposed to just give an egg?

November 7, 2015

[deactivated user]

    You can include «мне» in Russian. But it should be «мне» (Dative case), not «меня» (Accusative case; here, «яйцо» is this case).

    I'm not sure why this exact translation has «me» in English but doesn't have it in Russian. Maybe it would sound unnatural in English without «me»?

    November 7, 2015


    Could you pass the salt to me, please? Could you pass me the salt, please? Could you pass the salt, please? Pass the salt, please. Salt, please.

    All sound perfectly okay. If it were me speaking, I would use any of the shortest 3 variants for brevity. The longer ones carry a tone of being more polite. But they all still sound perfectly fine.

    February 4, 2016


    How does дайте pronounced? Dan-tyae? Where doea the N come from?

    July 4, 2016



    August 5, 2017


    Ok, thanks. And, yes, it would sound unnatural.

    November 7, 2015


    "Pass the salt". "Me" is not always necessary... (BTW, I haven't tried using "pass" instead of "give" for дай/дайте, so I don't know if would be accepted. It should be, for this context)

    November 15, 2015


    So the direct translation is something like "give eggs, please"? Is it always naturally inplied that they need to be given to you?

    July 7, 2016


    not, "could you please pass me that egg". No its "GIVE EGG PLEASE"

    August 10, 2017


    Only one egg?

    August 27, 2018


    Just one, thanks. :)

    June 1, 2019


    Maybe it is similar to the way Korean speak. We casually say "pass or give the egg" when it's meant giving to me.

    March 11, 2017


    I thought I have to put пожапуйста directly behind the verb?

    September 12, 2018


    Is this phrase equilalent to "may i have an egg/eggs, please?" It seems like it's trying to be polite, but saying 'give me' is never polite in English

    March 15, 2019


    Дайте яйцо кому? Путину или Пушкину!!!

    August 16, 2019


    Have I understood correctly that яйцо is accusative here?

    September 8, 2019
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